Tuesday, February 24, 2015

90-year-old Virgin Takes Internet By Storm

Coral-600 makes her debut today! Snap yours up now. 30% off at Samhain, a skinny $2.45, this week only.

Pleasure is not a malfunction.
The DMA Files, Book 1

Coral-600 is the first and only one of her kind. An artificial intelligence prototype with realistic skin over her metal frame, she was deemed too expensive for mass production and gifted to the royal family.

She cannot legally have a relationship with a human, and it never entered her electronic brain to want more—to break the law. Until she meets Quinn, and her DNA-enhanced skin tingles with a completely new sensation. Desire.

His body damaged beyond repair in the war, Quinn survived—barely—by agreeing to have much of it rebuilt. His royal relatives have taken him in, but it’s tough adjusting to a body that doesn’t come with instructions.

As Coral helps Quinn cope with his new body, the connection between them reaches the melt-down point. But unless she can convince the authorities that humanity runs deeper than flesh and bone, she’ll have her CPU wiped clean—permanently.
Product Warnings
This book contains artificial and natural flavors, lubricant (lots and lots of lubricant), and fun with oh-so-hard drives.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Masked Attraction $0.99, but only a few more days

Masked Attraction, Pull of the Moon prequel, releases today! Grab the pre-release special price of $0.99 for a few more days. To the end of February only.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story is part of the Entranced box set. But the story has been revised and completely re-edited for this stand-alone release.

Thanks to EJR Digital Art for this stunning cover!

The masks are coming off.

Daniel Light loved Zoe Blackwood when he was a gangly dork. Now a powerful wizard prince, a masked ball gives him a new chance to woo her.

Wolf shifter Zoe is desperate to recreate high school memories of her one glimpse at romantic, selfless love, memories courtesy of rich, classy, dorky Daniel. He was the only boy she could always count on yet never really noticed. She throws the ball as her last chance before her wolf forces her to mate, but when Daniel shows up, though he's still rich and classy, he's not dorky at all, and she notices his honed body and lion's grace plenty. The question is—can she still count on him?

Coming between them is an evil fire wizard and an ancient parchment with a deadly prophecy.

Warning: A wolf shifter on the cusp of mate-or-else, a smokin' hot wizard who won't let anything stand in his way, and fun in closets. 



Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3T Writing Tidbit

As authors, we're called on to sell our stories. It's a different mindset, the difference between an oil painting and a line sketch.

Your title sells your article. How does "4 Elements of a Click-worthy Title" grab you? Get the biggest bang for your buck by reading it.


Published since 2009, over the years I've accumulated various items of writing wisdom. The Third Tuesday Writing Tidbit showcases these items in no particular order. Click here to see all 3T Tidbits.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kinky Claus Blog Tour--Oh no! NOT the Candy Cane!

Kinky Claus BT Banner.jpg

2T Encore is delayed until February 24 for this very special tour!!

'Tis the season to be naughty...

The only thing worse than the annual office Christmas party is attending the stinkin’ thing alone. Refusing to consign herself to that fate yet again, Marissa Wagner throws her normally sensible self aside and does what any newly adventurous—okay, desperate—woman in her shoes would do—she hires a male escort. But when he arrives for their pre-party introduction her situation goes from problem solved, to one holy whopper of a complication. Her paid-for dream man...is also her best friend’s brother.

Trig Campbell has been in the escorting biz long enough to realize there’s a risk of being set up with someone he knows. Never in a million years did he count on that person being Marissa. Out of all of Jane’s friends, Rissa’s always been the less wild of the bunch. Now that fate’s in his corner, he’s more than game to help her explore her bad girl side and play out every kinky fantasy they can. Getting past her doubts is no easy feat. Fortunately he knows a thing or two about cranking up the carnal heat, and soon he and Marissa embark on a week-long intensely erotic journey that leaves them both shaken and craving more.

As their time together draws closer to an end, Trig is haunted by a question he’d never expected to face. What possible future can a gigolo offer a woman like Marissa? And can he let her go when the time comes?

Warning: This book contains a player well-versed in the fine art of sin, a good girl who’s about to find out how delicious it is to be bad, enough kinky uses for a candy cane to make an elf blush, and verifiable proof that Santa does indeed come more than once a year.

Buy Link:

Kinky Claus teaser4.jpg

Author Links:

Kinky Claus teaser3.jpg
Enjoy this excerpt from Kinky Claus:
Trig positioned himself on his mark behind the curtain. Frank signaled the DJ and gave Trig a thumbs-up before shuffling out of sight. 

“Ladies,” the DJ’s voice boombed through the speakers. “How many good girls do we have in the house tonight?”

A smattering of catcalls echoed beyond the curtain.

“Dirty liars.” The DJ’s retort was met with raucous laughter from the crowd. “All right, now let’s hear it from all the bad girls out there.”

The entire club damn near shook under the exuberant “Woohoo’s” and “Hell yeahs” from the women.

“That’s more like it. Fortunately for y’all, we’ve got a special guest who flew in all the way from the North Pole to tantalize you with his own pole. Which one of you sexy bitches wants to sit on his lap and tell him about the big package you want stuffed in your stocking?”

More rowdiness erupted from the patrons.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you.”

The volume of the ladies’ shouts and all around insanity increased by a thousand fold as they vied with each other to be the one picked. The hoopla was all for show and to get them worked up and their wallets loosened. The woman had already been chosen, thanks to James’s perpetual boner.

“He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake and fucking hornier than hell.” The improvised line triggered the loudest series of hollers yet. “He knows when you’ve been bad or good. So you better be baaaaad, for goodness sake. Because we have the one...the only...Kinky Claus in the house!”

The velvet drapes lifted with a dramatic swoosh and the deafening cheers of the crowd nearly drowned out the opening bars to Santa Claus Needs Some Lovin’. Their excitement energized him, filling him with the heady rush he always experienced when he was in performance mode. In that moment, he was Kinky Claus.

Strutting to the center of the stage, he worked the ladies, teasing them with dirty hip rolls and promised flashes of skin he didn’t completely deliver on. The women ate it up, and several of the more rambunctious ones up front shook their tatas in encouragement. He’d been in plenty of strip clubs throughout his life, both as a performer and an occasional patron. He had to admit that women were hella more wild and crazy than his male counterparts.

From the corner of his eye he spotted Frank approaching one of the tables. Damn. He’d completely forgotten to check out Miss Five ahead of time. Not often he got the opportunity to do that before the female was hauled up onto the stage.

“Looks like we have our lucky lady.” The DJ’s announcement drifted over the cacophony of music and boisterous female chants of, “Kinky Claus! Kinky Claus! Kinky Claus!”

Taking that as his cue, Trig pivoted and claimed the chair set up to the left of him. In other routines he typically started off with the female seated, but this particular act initially called for a bit of role reversal. He glanced toward the stairs leading up to the stage, fully expecting to see Frank with the woman in tow. Nada.

Frowning, Trig peered toward the table to determine the holdup. Frank’s burly frame blocked most of the view, but from what Trig could detect, Frank was dealing with some reluctance from Miss Five. Occasionally they got a shy one. Not often, but it did happen. Usually everything worked out fine once they got up here and Trig put them at ease. Hell, half the time they ended up not wanting to leave the stage. It was always the quiet ones who surprised him the most and he had the best fun with.

The other women at Five joined in Frank’s efforts to coax their tablemate into abandoning her seat. Their encouragement must have done the trick, because Frank suddenly stepped aside with a pleased grin. That’s when Trig had his first unobstructed view of his soon-to-be lap partner. He stared at Marissa, shock punching him dead center in the solar plexus. Damn good thing he was sitting down, otherwise he’d be flat on the floor.

What the hell was she doing here?

Duh, you invited her, moron. Never in a million years would he have thought she’d take him up on it. Not after the way they ended things last night.

Shit. How was he going to get through this routine? All of the full-on body contact and suggestive grinding.

The candy cane.

Oh sweet Jesus. Not the candy cane.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 1T Olio

Writer's cave continues. Finished rough-rough draft of Passion Bites, Luke's story. Cried a little at the end, the good kind of tears.

Yesterday was my post at Lust with a Laugh, on taking a mini-vacation: paraphrasing Black Adder, "Have a vacation. Good. Did you enjoy it?" Tomorrow is my post at Magical Musings on 8 Shocking Secrets Healthy People Know. The day after, the awesome Terri Meeker is my guest at Magical Musings. Entertaining and interesting! She writes about how taking the road less traveled by led her to Billy the Kid.

Today I'm working on finishing Thor's story, tentatively titled Serenity Bites. I also considered A Thor Point. It's for the group of goodies us Lusty Linguists are putting together called April Fools In Love--or maybe it's April Fools For Love. After that, yet this week I have edits for the standalone release of Masked Attraction.

Somewhere in there I really ought to eat breakfast. lol.

How about you? What do you have going on this month?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Red Hot Authors Present 8 New Releases and the Red Hot Cajun Nights Blog Hop


Red Hot Authors


Red Hot Cajun Nights Blog Hop

February 1 - 7

This Mardi Gras Season, Let the Sinful Good Times Roll!

Let your imagination take you all the way to New Orleans for Carnival season as eight sexy romance authors bring you eight fabulous $.99 books to warm your winter. ~ Our website: http://redhotauthors.com/red-hot-cajun-nights/ ~ Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RedHotAuthors

Come check out our blog hop, with Grand Prizes of:

1) A Kindle

2) A box of paperback books

3) Swag from each author

Added to this, each author has more prizes to give away at their blog

Start here by hopping to each of these blogs and entering the Rafflecopter contest, then leave a comment on the blog for your chance to win that author’s prizes: Desiree Holt at www.desiremeonly.com Magen McMinimy at http://www.magenmcminimy.com/ Jodi Redford at http://jodiredford.blogspot.com Randi Alexander at http://randialexander.com/blog-3/ Christin Lovell at www.christinlovell.com Rene Folsom at www.renefolsom.com Sable Hunter at http://sablehunter.com/ Shyla Colt at www.shylacoltsstraightshot.wordpress.com Want to win even more prizes? We’re having a huge Mardi Gras Facebook Party on Tuesday, February 17. Click on the link then Join the party to hang out with us on Mardi Gras Day. You know we’re going to have some sinfully awesome giveaways! https://www.facebook.com/events/1401340946828665/ Good luck, and be sure to come and read about our brand new Mardi Gras books as well as every book from each of our Red Hot holiday collections: http://redhotauthors.com/red-hot-cajun-nights/