Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Three for Hide and Seek--Guest Joy Daniels--plus Giveaway!

Joy Daniels is a fellow Samhain author who writes steamy romance that's "smart, sexy and down-to-Earth". She's here today to share her first ménage à trois novella--check out the hot hot cover--and a giveaway :) Please welcome Joy!

Hide and Seek, by Joy Daniels

Lured by the promise of a family mystery, art historian Evangeline “Evie” Ryder agrees to attend a house party in a rambling Pennsylvania mansion once owned by her great, great Aunt Eva, for whom she was named. As Evie investigates the past, each clue brings her closer to learning her aunt’s secrets – and discovering the passionate promise of love with two men.

Suzie was pointing at a black-and-white photo mounted on the wall. Aunt Eva sat on a low couch between two incredibly handsome men. The one on her right had dark hair, dark eyes, and a piercing gaze. His arm circled her shoulders. A tall blond man with pale blue eyes sat on her left, his hand resting on her thigh. From descriptions, I recognized the dark-haired man as Uncle Bertie. I assumed the other man was Reginald Cartwright. All three subjects looked happy and relaxed.

“Hey,” Melina said. “That’s the couch in the picture.” She pointed at the Art Deco couch, the one in the room I’d been trying to avoid looking at.

Suzie looked between the photo and couch, delight dawning on her face. “Drew and Sebastian could be the two men in the picture.”

It took me a moment to see where Suzie was going with that. I started to back away but it was too late. She waved a hand at the couch. “Evie, go sit with them and I’ll take a picture of the three of you. It will be just like this one – two Evas with their men, past and present.”

The group laughed at her words. I swallowed, trying to will down my fierce blush, then I turned to face my fate. Drew patted the space between them. I risked a glance at Sebastian and saw a single eyebrow raised in challenge. There was no way to get out of this so I slunk over to the couch and perched between them, on the very edge of the cushion. Every nerve in my body could sense the men sitting behind me, from their unique scents to the heat coming off their bodies. My inner muscles clenched.

Oh God, let me get through this without embarrassing myself.

Suzie picked up her cell phone and I plastered a smile on my face. She sighed with exasperation. “Evie, that’s not how the picture looks. Sit back. Get comfortable. Sebastian put your arm around her, Drew move in close.” She shook her head at me “Relax, Evie, they won’t bite.”

Even with our limited acquaintance I could guess the words going through Drew’s mind: not unless she wants us to.

I scooted back until my butt met the cushion behind me. Sebastian looped an arm around my shoulders and I felt the muscle in his bicep tighten as he pulled me to his side. Before I could protest or scoot away, Drew closed in on the other side. He put his hand on my thigh and heat flared like I had been branded on that spot. My heart rate accelerated and I was sure the two men could hear it pounding through my body. I pressed my thighs together in an attempt to control my reaction but the movement only increased my arousal. I took a deep breath. The sooner I got this over with, the sooner I could put some distance between myself and these inhumanly attractive men – a floor and a few doors at least.

A half-dozen people pointed cell phones at us. I swallowed and at the last moment remembered to smile. When the clicks and flashes ceased, Sebastian removed his arm. Unlike at the table, I felt heat and more radiating from both sides, and knew it was time to get away before I got any crazy ideas.

Now available!
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hide-Seek-Joy-Daniels-ebook/dp/B00D6W65JY/
BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hide-and-seek-joy-daniels/1115480914?ean=2940016621678

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Joy Daniels writes erotic romance because she likes to expose her characters completely: strengths, flaws, and scars. A native New Yorker, she now makes her home south of the Mason-Dixon line and her stories bounce between the two locales. In 2012, she contributed an essay to the non-fiction compilation “Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey,” and her first novella, “Revving Her Up” – the first in the Full Throttle series – was released by Samhain Publishing in January 2013. She is currently working on the next Full Throttle story, a paranormal series, and a MMF novel that takes place in Nashville.

She can be found online at:


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  2. Such a delicious story! Congrats and I look forward to more from you.

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  4. Thanks Louisa and ricabean! I loved writing this story. Evie is one of my favorite heroines and the men in the story are super yummy!

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  7. Joy, thanks again for visiting! I really enjoyed the interplay between art (past) and reality (present) in this wonderful excerpt :)

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