Tuesday, September 20, 2016

3T Writing Tidbig

In July and August we dealt with how to bring clarity to muddy areas of the story by approaching them either from before the beginning, or stepping back from the end.

Now I'd like to focus on the item itself. Maybe one of the reasons your story element is muddled or confused is because it's trying to DO TOO MANY THINGS.

This is one area of failure where I excel, lol.

My tendency is to write sentences like,
Bo held the limp human bundle in his arms and started to fight the rogue vampires.

No, no, no. Let the reader fully appreciate the pathos of the limp bundle before we go on.

Bo lifted the injured, unconscious woman. She was a small, limp bundle in his arms, her breathing labored, irregular. He took a moment to hope she survived.

Then his anger flared, fury at the rogues who'd done this to her. He lashed out, catching the first in the throat.

Make sure your reader sees the pothole before you step over it; make sure she sees the vampire is dead before you breathe life into him again. It's easy for us as writers to simply go to where we want to be. But that's not storytelling. Even in condensed passages, make sure you note the downs, to provide proper contrast to the ups, and vice versa.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 1T Status Update

I always mourn the passing of August. Though we started it June 22, now begins the obvious turn of the wheel toward shorter days in the north. I don't have seasonal affected disorder but boy, winter makes me sad, though my all-spectrum light bulb helps.

Moving on...

Some goodies coming up shortly, but the big news is, I have a signed contract to write a new series with Entangled Publishing! I'm ecstatic about this. The series is The Ancient Ones and it will feature three ancient vampires. Each finds that special human woman who complements him, although in my own fashion, they don't necessarily think complement is the right word at first. Especially the heroine of book two, bwa-ha-ha. More on that as I have it.

My first audio book, Cin Wikkid, is now available! OMG, the voice actor, Audrey Lusk, is phenomenal. You have to hear it for her version of the Step Sisters alone. Amazon | iTunes

The box set Dark Whispers, which includes Black Diamond Jinn, will be appearing late this month or early next, in time for October sales.

So for the past few years author Leigh Morgan has led a team of Macski's supporters (get your haggis on!) to do the Irish Fest walk/run for arthritis. Gregg and I went two years ago and enjoyed it, and so we signed up for this year's too. Well, the problem is, the walk/run registration includes a free pass to Irish Fest. Well, no, that's not the problem. The problem is it also includes a ticket for a free beer. And I love Irish music, especially the reels and jigs. And two years ago there was a vendor selling really cool Irish flutes.

Maybe you can see where I'm going with this?

Two years ago I tried out the flutes and loved them but we couldn't afford one. So this year, the combo of beer and the background music of Cis and we had a little extra cash...yup. We bought a flute. So, that takes care of all my presents this year, lol. If I can, I'll record a bit when I get it. The Carbony Winds guy is drilling special holes for my short little fingers. :)