Tuesday, December 31, 2019

4T Olio - 5 End of Year Thoughts you're probably having too

It's that time again. When we review where we've come (2019) and where we're going (2020)--hopefully with perfect vision (as per the year, lol).

  1. It's the end of the year...and the decade? Well, no. But it is the year we retire a digit. Vive le 202x!

  2. How about the best archaeology finds of 2018? Including evidence that beer was brewed as far back as 18000 years ago. That's right, eighteen thousand. Not even Elias was around then...we think.

  3. Best archaeology finds of 2018

  4. On a sadder note, here are the companies we lost this past decade. Goodbye Blockbuster, Payless, and Borders.

  5. But look at all the superhero movies we had just in the second half of the decade!

  6. All superhero movies coming out from now until end of 2019.

  7. And here are Rotten Tomatoes top movies of 2019. I'm writing this on December 16. What do you think, will Star Wars make the list?

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