Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4T Olio--Marketing that makes sense

My thanks to Barb Britton for this one.

Several weeks ago, she suggested to our writing group that we take a look at Dan Blank's marketing tips on WeGrowMedia.com. I was busy with Mind Mates edits and preparing for the Brahm's German Requiem and didn't get to it until today (which is May 20 as I write this). I popped onto his site with absolutely no expectations in mind

First article I saw... Blew me away.

The article is titled Three common marketing fallacies that writers need to be wary of, and it talks about how we've been oversold on certain "sure-fire" marketing tips.

He points out that trends should not be mistaken for turnkey solutions.
I see this constantly. A viable piece of advice to help writers reach readers is amped up to such a degree that it begins to eclipse all other proven strategies.
And points out that marketing isn't about numbers.
Someone emailed me recently asking how I optimize my site for search engines. I told them honestly:
“I don’t. Caring is what I am optimizing for.”
Oh my goodness, yes. I can't remember who, but one of my writer friends wanted us to use Facebook as a blast site for promo. While I'll post free and 99c books because I love a bargain so maybe my readers will too, can you see how many friends I'd have if all I did was shout BOOK at them all day? Nada, zip, zilch, none. Well, one, my husband, but he's stuck with me, lol.

Where does doing what we love come into it anymore? I've seen too many of my friends burn out in this business because of the emphasis on numbers and sales instead of love. I nearly crashed and burned because of it too.

We write because we love it. Don't lose sight of that. That's the bottom line marketing tool I took away from the article.

I'm too busy to read every blogger that I'd like to, but this one's going on my bookmarks list.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3T Writing Tidbit

There are five big plot points, or places where the action changes.

The last is the CLIMAX. After many defeats, there's one big moment before the climax where the main character CHANGES in a way that allows him or her to deal effectively with the main problem in the story. (Happily ever here :) )

I actually did a 3T on showing the Moment Of Change a while back. This is about the degree of that change. Something I knew for a long time but didn't have in words was the fact that the change can't be just ANY change.

It must be something that's a sacrifice in proportion to the Happily Ever After the character gets.

In other words, the Hero or Heroine MUST EARN their HEA.

What about your current story? Has your main character earned their good or bad ending?

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1T Status Update -- Romancing Our Fantasies

Mind Mates almost ready, Cin Wikkid in audio book, Cin Wikkid trailer...what to talk about first? Oh, I know--how about A Huge Multi-Author Tour and Raffle!!

Come join in on the fun with lots of Authors and prizes! In honor of Kia Carrington Russell's New Release, we are celebrating with the fans and bringing them a chance at a huge giveaway of lots of prizes by the hottest authors! I can't wait to show you this Amazing tour! Yes most of these authors are combining their talents and touring together to bring you their best! This tour has Romance and Erotica with many sub-genre's. Come see everyone's latest and greatest books, including their sales! For now enter for your chance to win big!!!

Kia Carrington Russell is a 16 Times award winning author are combing a tour with lots of the hottest authors today in order to bring you their latest and offer up huge prizes in a raffle. Let celebrate!! Hurry and enter now!!

There are several pages of prizes in the Rafflecopter so make sure you check them out!!
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So how about those other things I mentioned?
  • Mind Mates is in its final edit pass. On track for August 23 release.
  • I do need to get a blurb other than the one Samhain prepared. Memo to self...contact The Blurb Queen
  • I'm thrilled that Cin Wikkid is in the hands of an audio book producer! More info as I can.
  • Cin Wikkid has a trailer!