Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Heart to Heart
10 Touching Contemporary Romances on sale December 1

When it comes to falling in love, nothing beats a tough man with a tender touch. He’s sexy, he’s intriguing, he’s confident, he’s loyal, and you’ll enjoy every pulse-pounding moment you spend with these heroes after your own heart.

Hot Off the Press: Leigh inherits her family’s newspaper, but she must work with her enemy, David, to save it.

Minding Jackson: When her world is rocked by tragedy, Jane discovers that the man she least expected is the one who will help her weather the storm.

Love Restored: Rachel’s passionate night in Monaco with Alain may be her company’s downfall—or the best move she ever made.

Once Upon a Wish: A California surfer and a small-town pharmacist put an old fairy tale to the test.

The Unquiet Heart: Air Force Captain Libby Comerford must prove her mettle when she arrives at Misawa Air Base in Northern Japan, but she clashes—in more ways than one—with handsome Major Kojiro Yoshida.

Summer Promises: Actress Carly Foster says she’s done with the “drama trauma” of theatre romances—famous last words when she meets Asher Day.

No Secrets in Spandex: Allegations of drug use surround bike racer Jacob Hunter, and reporter Ariel Hays is ready to do anything to get that story—except reveal her own secrets.

Edie and the CEO: Championing the little guy gets Edie Rowan in delightful trouble with sexy CEO Everett Kirk.

The Marrying Kind: Professor Jane O’Hara takes a sabbatical to follow her bliss to a horse farm, but she doesn’t expect to find it with the owner’s son, Mark Hannon.

Romancing the Seas: Pippa Renshaw swaps her job in a prestigious London restaurant to head-chef on a cruise ship, where a mix-up means she rooms with her boss.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Interview with the Book Blogger ~ Meet Amy R!

I met Amy R through Magical Musings as a co-blogger, and was immediately sucked in by her topics. She creates lively, fascinating posts that are a joy to read. Please welcome Amy R!

What types of books interest you?

My favorite are contemporary romance and romantic suspense but paranormal and historical are close behind those. I tend to be a little more selective about those.

How did you get started book blogging?

I am on the review team for Magical Musings and realized how much fun it was to review books. I was reading some books that did not fit the requirements for MM so I decided to start my own blog to review anything and everything I read. So, now I do both.

Favorite authors?

This is a tough one because I truly love so many, which makes it hard to keep up on all their books!

photo credit: http://www.personalcreations.com via photopin cc
Favorite pastime when not reading?

Hanging out with my family whether it is going out to eat, to a movie, or just sitting in the same room while we all do our own thing.

Anything you want to promo about your blog (looking for books, services free or for sale, etc.)
So Many Reads is a book review blog with several reviewers. Our goal is to review and promote the work of  authors we have read in the past and would recommend (which is why you do not see any books that we did not finish, would not recommend, etc). Any promotional post (new release, sale, freebie, etc) that you see is the result of one of us reading the author in the past and feel this opportunity it is worth passing on to our readers. If an author would like to have their book reviewed/featured on our website, they can visit the blog for more information!

Find Amy R online!

Twitter FB

Website: http://www.somanyreads.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoManyReads
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoManyReads


So Many Reads...so little time was started simply because I (Amy) love to read and I want to give back to the authors that spend so much of their time writing these awesome stories that entertain me. I also want to serve as a resource to anyone that might be interested in the same type of books I enjoy. I read and review books for entertainment only. I'm not a writer or an editor, nor am I paid for any reviews found on this website. The same is true for the other reviewers on the blog.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Interview with the Book Blogger ~ Meet Amy Brantley!

I met Amy through Facebook and soon came to see she's an amazing person, filled with energy, organized, and a go-getter. Please welcome Amy!
What types of books interest you?

Just about any, but I really enjoy urban fantasy, paranormal romance, cozy mystery, and romantic comedy.

How did you get started book blogging? 

I started as a way to simply share my love of the Kindle and all things Kindle-related. As the blog and Facebook and Twitter accounts grew, I knew that it would be a great way to help fellow indie and traditionally published authors share their books. I absolutely love seeing an author make more sales because they chose to promote their books with my company.

Most interesting or exciting find? 

Wow, now that's a hard question. I promote literally hundreds, if not thousands, of books per year. I guess one book that really sticks out is Dead Vampires Don't Date by Meredith Allen Conner. It's just such a fun urban fantasy novel.

Favorite authors? 

Another toughie. I love H.P. Mallory because she inspired me to become an indie author.

photo credit: stevehdc via photopin cc
Favorite color, wild animal, and/or food? 

Hot pink (I recently painted the office in my new house a dark hot pink with bright white trim. LOVE IT!), beaver (they're just so darn cute!), and anything but fast food (being in the middle of moving into my new house, I've eaten more than my fair share in the past two weeks. Give me REAL food!)

Favorite pastime when not reading? 

Not reading? I don't understand what that means. LOL Seriously, I really enjoy crafts, decorating, cooking/baking, and shopping (mostly window shopping).

Anything you want to promo about your blog (looking for books, services free or for sale, etc.)

If you're an author, please check out Girl and Kindle Book Promos for amazingly cheap promotion options: NOW: http://www.cheapbookpromos.com/p/about.html
WAS: http://girlandkindlebookpromos.blogspot.com/p/about.html

Find Amy Online!

For Readers:

Newsletter Featuring Free Kindle Books and Kindle Book Deals: http://eepurl.com/O1USb

Bio: Join Andrea and Amy in their obsession with reading free books. Whether they are freebies for the Kindle, review copies provided by publishers, or simply good reads on which they have stumbled, you will find something for everyone.

For Authors:

Girl and Kindle Book Promo Newsletter for Authors: http://eepurl.com/PfB0P

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interview with the Book Blogger ~ Meet Kitty Angel!

I am always in awe of how book reviewers can reach into my book, pull out the crux of the story and spin it into a single sentence made of pure gold. No one does that better than Kitty Angel! Please welcome Kitty!

What types of books interest you? 

I love all genres.  Believe me, I'm not a picky reader!  I came back to reading with the Twilight Series so I was stuck on Paranormal for a while.  Then, surfing through Facebook and a few of the Free Book sites, I found Adult Erotica and fell in love with that.  I grew up reading Historicals and, when I am in the mood for true romance, turn to one of them.  Recently I have found New Adult and absolutely love it.

How did you get started book blogging? 

I have Kallypso Masters to thank for that one ... my homage to her is my pen name "Kitty Angel" which is a combination of Karla and Angelina from the Rescue Me series.  I happened to pick up one of her books for free and fell in love with the series and the BDSM aspects of it.  She posted that she was doing a chat on Guilty Pleasures and invited all of us to come over.  While on the site, I happened to see that they were looking for reviewers and filled out the application.  I figured that if I was going to read, I may as well let people know what I think of the book. Not that I feel that my opinion matters in the whole scheme of things and I also loved the fact that there is "NO SNARK" on this blog.

Most interesting or exciting find? 

My love of reading, again.  I didn't read for a very long time raising my children.  You know, baseball, football, school activities. So, I was really excited to find that my love for books didn't die.  And, every day my children give me something to be excited about.

Favorite authors? 

This question totally scares me because I am so afraid of leaving someone I absolutely love off of the list.   So, this question is really hard and the list, if I thought long and hard, would be huge.  So, I think I'll just name a few ... Mary Hughes (of course), Lynsay Sands, Kerrylyn Sparks, JR Ward, Bella Andre, Lorelei James, Tara Sivic, Kallypso Masters, Cherise Sinclair, Candace Blevins, Ryan Winfield, Rebecca Yarros, Cari Silverwood, Karen Marie Moning, Sherrilyn Kenyon.

These are just off the top of my head but, I do have to say that I have a lot of respect and enjoy reading those authors that are self-published.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there and hope that you have enough of a fan base that your book takes off.  

photo credit: Lunchbox LP via photopin cc
Favorite pastime when not reading? 

I love country music and had a great year going to concerts.  My favorite?  5th Row Center for Luke Bryan, Lee Brice and Cole Swindell.  I was a good mom and gave up my ticket to go see Jake Owen to a friend of my son.  Then, had a blast at Dierks Bentley's "Riser" Tour with Chris Young, Chase Rice and Jon Pardi. Hmmm, that's where my son taught me how to play "Beer Pong" which brings me to my most favorite pastime – hanging with my children, cooking on weekends that they come to visit or are home from school ... just taking care of them.

Favorite color, wild animal, and/or food?
My favorite color is Purple ... just something so regal about it.  My favorite wild animal - someday I would love to see a Koala in person.  They are just so cute!  My favorite food?  I grew up in a very Italian house so really love everything Italian but Eggplant Parmesan is my most favorite thing.

Find Kitty online!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kitty.angel.7583
And at Guilty Pleasures!

Website: http://www.guiltypleasuresbookreviews.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guilty-Pleasures-Book-Reviews/305163142832854
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GultPlsureBkRev


Senior Reviewer
Hi! I am a mom of 3 (all boys) that gave up reading to raise my children and find my career. A few years ago I asked a friend if I could borrow her Twilight series so I could see what all the "fuss" was about and remembered what I was missing. Well, needless to say, I haven't stopped reading since. Much to my family's dismay! Now, I'm never seen without my Kindle in hand. It comes to my son's baseball games, grocery shopping and work. I love all genre's of books. I will read anything from YA to Adult Erotica; Paranormal to BDSM; Historical Romances to Mysteries. I have to credit Lora Leigh for introducing me to the wonderful world of Erotica and to Kallypso Masters for pointing me to all these sites so that I could share my love of reading with everyone. I am a former police officer and love, love, love, country music. So, you guessed it, give me my cowboys and cops and I am one happy camper. If you mix cowboys, cops and some military men, well, don't talk to me for a while – I'm in my happy place! I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and views with everyone and, like Didi, won't give you any spoilers (without warning). I am a firm believer in "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." So don't expect me to "bash" a book. I will find the good points, promise.
Happy Reading!

For Authors:

Guilty Pleasures Review--We LOVE to read and LOVE to tell friends about great books. If you have a book you would like GP to review, find more information here: http://www.guiltypleasuresbookreviews.com/interviews-and-submissions

Advertising/Author Services: http://www.guiltypleasuresbookreviews.com/advertise-on-guilty-pleasures
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Interview with the Book Blogger ~ Meet Nancy G!

I met Nancy G. in my first months at the Samhain Cafe. She sings, loves the same authors I do, and collects anything about ancient Egypt--and writes awesome reviews! See why I love her? Please welcome Nancy!

What types of books interest you?

I started out reading mysteries (like Nancy Drew) but then progressed to romances in my late teens. But once I discovered paranormal romance and urban fantasy, I was hooked.

How did you get started book blogging?

I wanted a way to express my opinion of books I had enjoyed, and although I don't have a huge following, I still occasionally voice my opinion with reviews, when I'm not writing for the review site.

Most interesting or exciting find?

I found a couple of autographed copies of books by Stephen King and Agatha Christie at a book fair. Got them cheap, had them checked and they were authentic!

Favorite authors?

Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K. Hamilton, Dana Marie Bell, Mary Hughes, Sierra Dean, Darynda Jones, Lexxie Couper, Vivian Arend, J.D. Robb, J.R.R. Tolkien... I could go on and on and...

photo credit: Christina Saint Marche via photopin cc
Favorite color, wild animal, and/or food?

Favorite color is red, followed closely by violet. Favorite wild animal, real, is the Bengal Tiger...fictional is the dragon. Favorite food, healthy, is Brussels Sprouts, guilty pleasure food is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Favorite pastime when not reading?

Making jewelry...I can spend hours playing with my crystals and beads, making one of a kind designs.

Find Nancy online!


Website: My Odd Little World
Twitter: Twitter

I am a divorced mom of four "almost grown" adults. I love reading, and writing about what I read. When not "slaving away" at my EDJ for the State of Missouri, I can be found either reading, working on custom beaded and crystal jewelry, writing reviews, or working on my own WIP. No I'm not an author, but I wouldn't mind trying.

 Life in St. Louis is crazy-you never know how to dress for the quick weather changes. In the course of a week, it may go from winter to spring to summer and back to winter. But there is lots to enjoy here-great museums, wonderful libraries and plenty of fun.

 Music is a big part of my life, too. I've sung, solo and with several locals. Now it is my comfort and my inspiration. When I'm reading, anything works for background - when I write I listen to Celtic Thunder for mood. I love oldies-for me that is The Beatles, Warren Zevon and Simon and Garfunkel, to name just a few. I like some "contemporary" musicians as well - Keith Urban, Rob Thomas, Darius Rucker, and Michael Buble.

 I am a "collector" as well. I collect books, St. Louis Blues (hockey) memorabilia, and anything about ancient Egypt, especially King Tut and that whole era. But my biggest love has got to be my dragons. I have them in all shapes and sizes, all compositions, and colors. My smallest is less than an inch high, and my largest is a stuffed red and purple dragon just over six feet long. I have ceramic, resin, china, blown glass, pewter and so much more. I believe they existed, because too many cultures have them in their history to be coincidence.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Assassins Bite release day!

Assassins Bite
(Biting Love, Book 8)

Only her light can burn away his shadows.AmazonB&NSH
On her first night as a police officer, Sunny Ruffles takes down three felons…only to be attacked by a gang of vampires who are a whole new level of hurt.

Then a mysterious shadow man intervenes, saving Sunny before he disappears. She runs after him, telling herself her pursuit has nothing to do with his sharp, stubbled jaw, his powerful shoulders, or his sexy-as-hell, kissable lips.

Rescuing the humans makes Aiden Blackthorne late for a critical meeting with the vampire Nosferatu’s daughter. Yet clompy, bumbling Sunny draws him back like wild honey. He kisses her, and he’s almost got her down to her underwear when a bomb meant for him explodes.

The last thing Aiden wants is to drag Sunny into his hellish conflict with Nosferatu. But Aiden’s a loner whose only friend has mysteriously disappeared, and the woman who smells and tastes like his mate is the only backup he has left. He’ll need her, everything he is, everything he was—and everything he might have been—to defeat his evil master and claim the love he never dared hope to have.

Warning: This book contains shadowy assassins shooping off vampire heads, cops bumbling in at the worst of times, and opposites attracting, colliding, and exploding in lust—a.k.a., explicit fighting, humor, and sex.


Party Tomorrow and Thursday! Facebook, Wednesday 11am-3pm EST, Thursday 6pm-10pm EST. $50 grand prize!!

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