Thursday, November 20, 2014

Interview with the Book Blogger ~ Meet Amy R!

I met Amy R through Magical Musings as a co-blogger, and was immediately sucked in by her topics. She creates lively, fascinating posts that are a joy to read. Please welcome Amy R!

What types of books interest you?

My favorite are contemporary romance and romantic suspense but paranormal and historical are close behind those. I tend to be a little more selective about those.

How did you get started book blogging?

I am on the review team for Magical Musings and realized how much fun it was to review books. I was reading some books that did not fit the requirements for MM so I decided to start my own blog to review anything and everything I read. So, now I do both.

Favorite authors?

This is a tough one because I truly love so many, which makes it hard to keep up on all their books!

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Favorite pastime when not reading?

Hanging out with my family whether it is going out to eat, to a movie, or just sitting in the same room while we all do our own thing.

Anything you want to promo about your blog (looking for books, services free or for sale, etc.)
So Many Reads is a book review blog with several reviewers. Our goal is to review and promote the work of  authors we have read in the past and would recommend (which is why you do not see any books that we did not finish, would not recommend, etc). Any promotional post (new release, sale, freebie, etc) that you see is the result of one of us reading the author in the past and feel this opportunity it is worth passing on to our readers. If an author would like to have their book reviewed/featured on our website, they can visit the blog for more information!

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So Many little time was started simply because I (Amy) love to read and I want to give back to the authors that spend so much of their time writing these awesome stories that entertain me. I also want to serve as a resource to anyone that might be interested in the same type of books I enjoy. I read and review books for entertainment only. I'm not a writer or an editor, nor am I paid for any reviews found on this website. The same is true for the other reviewers on the blog.

This is part of my Interview with the Book Blogger series. Please visit and support these bloggers' sites.

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