Tuesday, November 15, 2022

3T Something Different

 Today is where I normally have a 3T Writing Tidbit, but I felt like something different... xkcd!

And this from the FarSide https://www.thefarside.com/2022/10/19/3

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

2T Repeat Performence -- Black Diamond Jinn

I've done a number of blog tours over the years, posting on different sites. Now I'm bringing them to you!

Originally published July 27, 2012 for EReading on the Cheap

Interview for Black Diamond Jinn:

1. What gave you the idea to focus on the Mayan Doom? Do you believe in it?
I love all things both Indiana Jonesy and computery, so Ancient Mayans plus astronomical calendar plus Internet meme? I’m so there. The odd thing about December 21, 2012 is that the Mayans actually don’t predict an end-of-world for that day. True, their calendar completes a Long Count, but for the Mayans, an end of period was simply a time of bad luck. My personal view is that “no one knows the day or hour, not even the angels in heaven”—in other words, if someone tells you the world will end on such-and-such a day, you can rest assured it won’t.

2. Do all Jinn have black diamond eyes or was Rafe special? I assume that the name of the book comes from his eyes, but correct me if I am wrong.
A novella didn’t let me go too far into it, but Rafe gets his power from black holes, one of the strongest forces in the universe. That power shows in his eyes. Now, black holes crush everything with overpowering gravity, so they’re pretty nasty. But I particularly like when good things come out of bad, and heavy gravity also compresses carbon into diamonds. So with Rafe, I have that crushing power showing as diamond eyes, good coming out of bad. In my universe (again, not mentioned in the novella), all jinn who get their power from black holes have black diamond eyes. A jinni who gets power from a red giant star would have ruby eyes, jinn who draw from blue dwarf stars would have sapphire eyes, etc. And you’re right! The title does come from Rafe’s eyes, and the type of jinni he is.

3. Where did you get the idea for Venus magic?
My Biting Love series are all red-hot romances, and though this is more a fantasy romance I didn’t want to wander too far :) Sex magic is as old as humankind—did I mention my interest in archeology? :) —everything from fertility goddess rituals to the Kama Sutra as a guide for virtuous and gracious living. My particular take for this story equates magic with karma, or the feedback the universe gives to human acts. Positive acts generate positive magic, and what’s more positive than good sex?

4. If Rafe hadn't backed off from Amaia for #5, could they have actually saved the world without killing the wizards responsible?
Oh, good question. And spoilers ahead, LOL. There were three factors head-butting at that point—strong and determined bad guys; Amaia and Rafe’s Venus magic; and the world’s fear of the Doom. Venus magic could have worked if the world hadn’t given into the fear and the bad guys hadn’t been so determined. I do think if Rafe and Amaia had gotten #5 in, the bad guys might have taken extreme measures to bring about the Doom, and everything would have ended up where it did anyway.

5. Now that Rafe and Amaia are tied together for all eternity, is Rafe more human? Will he be able to come to her without being called?
Absolutely, Rafe is much more human because he’s tied to Amaia, and because he truly loves her. More spoilers! He’s still a jinni but he’s got a part of Amaia inside him that will anchor him and lead him to wherever she is on the physical plane. So he’ll definitely be able to come without being called.

6. Do you have any other stories in the works or want to share something about what you already have written?
Currently I’m working on Beauty Bites, Book 6 in the Biting Love series of red-hot vampire romances. It’s the story of human Synnove (looks like a Scandanavian model, wants to be a doctor, and is all about substance) and vampire Ric (tousled blond hair, knockout blue eyes, a smile that ranges from brilliant to deadly, and all about style). Oh, and August 14 Biting Oz, Biting Love Book 5, releases! I’m thrilled to be touring with Promotional Book Tours August 20-31!