Tuesday, December 27, 2016

4T Olio

December is a month of holidays of all different sorts. As we wind down the month and the year (and wind up the sunshine in the north :) ), I hope everyone is finding peace and happiness in their lives.

My dear hubby just posted a meme saying "In 2017: My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but better than I used to be." Sounds like a good plan to me.

I was sorry to learn Carrie Fischer passed away today. I mourn her loss. Her Princess Leia was a big inspiration to me, not the prevailing damsel in distress of the 70s but a woman with spine. Each life lost is hard, and my heart is with those who mourn for her, and all those who mourn those lost to us.

The past is golden, because, like the golden sun disappearing at the end of the day, it's set. We know how the past's story ends. It's not scary anymore.

Twenty-seventeen begins a new story, and because we don't know how it ends, it may seem frightening. It may actually end up being frightening. But I hope and wish for the best, for all of you. I look for the best, in all of us. I know by focusing on the positive, by being the best I can, by digging in and doing the work, by celebrating the small things, whatever goes down in 2017 will be better than it could have been.

Just realized...there's a new series of Sherlock plus more episodes of Grand Tour. That's enough to give 2017 a thumbs-up from me, lol.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

3T Writing Tidbit

What is show, not tell?

I've probably covered this in a number of 3T writing tidbits over the years, but it bears saying again.

Show--make a movie of it.
Tell--make a movie of me talking about it.

Show--Suzie fastened the collar on Spot. The dog wriggled under her hands and she barely got the lead snapped on before he bounded for the door. Smiling, she opened the door and let him pull her onto the snow-covered sidewalk.

Tell--Suzie took Spot for a walk.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 1T Status Update

Busy, busy! Happy holidays to everyone. See you on the other side of 2016 :)
Cliff is a billionaire computer genius hiding his life as a spy. Skyler is competitive with a temper, a programmer whose genius is people. She's kidnapped; he rescues her, kisses her senseless, and puts her on a ship home. 

She thinks she'll never see him again—until he shows up at her company, wanting her help on a programming project. But is Cliff the spy really working with her kidnappers?

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