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A Heroine Named Mary--Guest Roxy Mews--Plus Giveaway!

Roxy Mews is not only the author of sassy, sexy romance, she's the energy and planning behind Lust With A Laugh plus a great friend who helped me through a particularly rough patch in my life. So I'm thrilled to welcome her today to celebrate the release of Love's A Witch, her second book in the Hart Clan Hybrids series! 
Hello everyone! Thanks to Mary Hughes for letting me invade her space to talk about my main character for my next book…Mary Fields.

No, you didn’t see that wrong. I did name this character after the lovely and talented Mary Hughes. Mary Hughes was the main reason behind me having a career in writing in the first place, and I was thinking about that fact when this character came into play.

Do I name characters after people I know? ABSOLUTELY. Does the character have anything to do with the person in real life? ABSOLUTELY NOT. If I use character traits or physical features of someone I usually change the name, and if it’s someone I don’t like I kill them violently. ;p

Mary Fields began as Amber’s best friend in A Love Worth Biting For. Amber was a wild force and I needed someone to keep her grounded. Mary was quiet around everyone else, and she loved books, but she could roll with the snark and sass of her best friend, and by the end of the first book, I knew she was my next heroine.

If you want to see some of my inspirational pictures you can check out my Pinterest board here(http://www.pinterest.com/roxymews/character-inspiration/).

Love’s a Witch gives Mary, and her hero Craig, a chance to talk. Mary is the one who has to find her way to Craig and make him see that she’s more than someone he needs to protect.  Sure she has to do so among a group of werewolves who want to catch her and sell her to vampires for her blood. Everyone has problems, right?

After driving across state lines in a stinky van with honeymooning hybrids she is grateful for a mentor, Kari, who guides her along her new path.

Kari was named after Kari Gregg. A couple years ago, Kari and I had some hilarious twitter battles involving my most hated word in the romancelandia, TURGID. Seriously, I hate that word. It sounds like a bowel movement, and pulls me out of any sex scene I read. Kari was tweeting the vulgar word to me over and over, and I told her I was putting her in a book, rolling her around in goo, and putting the word TURGID in that book, just for her.

So you can see, my friends have had an influence in this book, but during edits I found Mary’s voice and her strength.  I hope you see it too, because I immensely respect both her character, and the inspiration behind her so much.  

Leave me a comment on this blog for a chance to win a $10 Gift Card (winners choice between Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Samhain Publishing). Winner will be chosen in one week and announced on Tuesday July 1st here in the comments.

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You can’t outrun love, especially when it runs on four legs. 

Hart Clan Hybrids, Book 2

Since a very real set of vampire fangs sank into her arm, Mary Fields has accepted that she’s part of a magical world where all her dreams and visions finally make sense.

As she journeys to find a Wiccan mentor who’ll help her get a handle on her new powers, she clings to the one relic from her former life—a sketchpad. She also tries to ignore the red mating aura she’s beginning to see around her only companion on the trip—the hottie she used to read to at the library.

Mary’s readings were once a fun distraction from the cruel joke the supernatural world played on Craig Hart. He’s supposed to protect her from vampires out to make her their personal blood supply, yet he can’t bring himself to keep his paws off.

As Mary digs deep for the inner strength to protect herself, one stumble off her magical path sends her straight into Craig’s arms. Where love burns…but so does a truth that could turn that red mating aura into a river of blood.

Product Warnings

This book contains outdoor sex without the benefit of bug spray, and erotic biting that could result in involuntary eruptions of fur.

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3T Writing Tidbit

What five things kill the first page of your story? Check out Chuck Wendig's post at Terrible Minds. (Caution--he uses language like Elena. Think pepper words, not salt :) )

Published since 2009, over the years I've accumulated various items of writing wisdom. The Third Tuesday Writing Tidbit showcases these items in no particular order. Click here to see all 3T Tidbits.

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Top 10 Posts Countdown #3

Writer's cave hiatus--finishing Assassins Bite among other things. Enjoy the top 10 posts from my blog in the meantime :)

#3 Cooking up Hot Romance and Delicious Humor--Guest Sophia Knightly!

Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Mary! My romantic comedy, Grill Me, Baby, combines two of my favorite things: hot romance and TV cooking shows. Hunky Argentine chef Paolo Santos is as masterful in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom, and he's used to winning in both. But cool, perfectionist Chef Michaela Willoughby is determined to win the TV cooking spot for which they're competing against each other. It gets hot in the kitchen as the two competitive chefs cook...and fight the constant urge to make love, all for the sake of winning the Miami Spice cooking competition.

The heat is on...
Raised among women who taught him to cook at his family's Buenos Aires restaurant, master chef Paolo Santos deftly works his culinary wiles--and his gypsy charm--on posh Flamingo Island's female clientele. The tastiest tidbit on the island, though, is cool, elegant Michaela Willoughby. The redhead's slender curves are as enticing as her rabbit-food menus are maddening. And she's his main competition for the chance of a lifetime.

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