Tuesday, July 2, 2019

1T Status Update - July

Four months to go! Night's Kiss is going to be in edits this month, perfect timing as I'm also beginning the proposal for Night's Bliss, Elias's story. I can't wait to finally bring this all together and get it in your hands!

This month:
  • Chicago's Chosen: Vampire Vignettes ready to go
  • Detect This: Vampire Vignettes (working title) first draft done, along with two edits. Title coming soon
  • New cover for Falling on for the Billionaire
  • Cover reveals below!


Vampire Vignettes

Vignette: a short, delicately memorable scene.

Short. Scintillating. First, exciting meets between an apex master vampire and the human woman who lights his life for the first time in centuries. Each story features a vampire master of the city and the woman who charms (or fights or snarks) her way into his life.

Chicago's Chosen

New to Chicago and tottering on the brink of bankruptcy, human Adele wants a job with Knight Industries, owned by rich vampire and city master Damien Knight. So when a not-quite-aboveboard invite for a party at Knight’s place comes from her best friend, she jumps on it.

But a dark, mysterious vampire at the party catches her in a fib. He’s about to throw her out when she brazenly asks for a tour of Knight’s business first. To her surprise, he agrees and takes her away from the noise of the party. On the plus side, she’ll get to see Knight Industries and maybe learn enough to get her coveted job. On the minus, she’s all alone with a dangerous predator, and he’s looking intently at her neck…

And what’s she going to do when she finds out who her tour guide really is?

MJ Chase: Pen name for more moderate language and slow, simmering buildup.

Falling (on) ^for the Billionaire
A sexy romantic comedy

Can tripping over your own feet lead to falling in love?

He’s a billionaire media superstar hungering for more than meaningless celebrity dates. She’s a junior college teacher who loves him from afar—until she’s roped into playing wingman for her international-model sister, who's trying to win him back.

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