Tuesday, February 7, 2017

1T Status Update plus Billionaires, Billionaires, BILLIONAIRES!

20-Billionaire Set only 99 pennies, but not for much longer! More status-update news following the lovely billionaire pictures.
How do you like your billionaire served? Hot and spanky? Cool and in control (preferably in control of a black credit card and Lambo)? Rugged but loaded (in the wallet or other pant-stored things)?

I had a fun time pulling pics of billionaires for this awesome set, releasing just in time for Valentine's Day.  Amazon | Nook | KoboGoogleiTunesKindle UK

Whether your fantasy is a prince or a self-made man, this set has all the hard-bodied, Alpha billionaires you can handle. Let our award-winning, best-selling authors take you on a trip filled with exotic locales, dizzying privilege and heart-warming happily ever after.

$0.99 special preorder price--get yours today!

This set includes NY Times Best-Selling author Opal Carew, USA Today best selling author, Victoria Pinder, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Margo Bond Collins, and so many more. 99 pennies--but not for much longer!

Amazon | Nook | KoboGoogleiTunesKindle UK

STATUS UPDATE: When I first started writing fiction, I used imaginative names like Novel 1 and Novel 2. Later I updated to the always-scintillating "Vicky and Cliff" and "Glynnis".

But just because I couldn't name 'em didn't mean I couldn't write 'em. I needed to keep January open, waiting for my edits Night's Caress. So I took a romp through one of my earlier books (like, written 20-25 years ago earlier), a 180,000 word fantasy.

And I thought, "This is pretty good." I kept reading and kept seeing the possibilities. Now, I've learned a lot since then about pacing and plotting, but the characters are really nice and there are some intriguing twists going on.

Cut to the chase, I'm editing this story to become a serial novel, three sets of 9 short books each. More info as I get it, but I'm really excited to share the story of the lonely healer and the last wizard.

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