Tuesday, December 20, 2022

3T Writing Tidbit - story structure part I

I've been reviewing story structure lately. Despite what the pundits say, there's more than one way to tell a story! You have your 3-17 step hero's journey, your 5 plot-point, your 3 act, your 2 step scene/sequel. Let's start on the far end and work our way in.

The hero's journey was famously started by Joseph Campbell. It's expressed alternately as 17, 12, 4, or 3 stages, and often pictured in a circle as the starting and ending point is exactly the same - the ordinary world. The story is in the journey, the hero's transformation between the start and the end. In other words, the start/end point is the same, it's the hero who's different.

In a nutshell (correlation of steps is mine):

3 step4 step8 step17 step
----The ordinary world--
DepartureSeparationThe call to adventureThe Call to Adventure
----Refusal of the callRefusal of the Call
----Meeting the mentorSupernatural Aid
--DescentCrossing the thresholdCrossing of the First Threshold
----Tests, allies, and enemiesBelly of the Whale
Initiation----The Road of Trials
----Approaching the inner caveMeeting with the Goddess
------Woman as the Temptress
--OrdealThe ordealAtonement with the Father/Abyss
----The rewardThe Ultimate Boon
ReturnReturnThe road backRefusal of the Return
------The Magic Flight
------Rescue from Without
----The resurrection/final testCrossing of the Return Threshold
----Return with the elixirMaster of the Two Worlds
------Freedom to Live

You can find explanations for these steps in many places on the web. Wikipedia supplied the 17 steps.

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