Tuesday, September 17, 2019

3T Writing Tidbit

Brand. What's your brand? Be on-brand.Stay true to your brand.

But what is brand?

Basically, it's tags that identify the person behind the work being branded. These days, you have to brand everything from your particular art style to what kind of employee you represent to a potential employer.

My biggest challenge, writing romantic comedy/paranormal romance/urban fantasy/hard science fiction/steamy romance was finding my brand. Because it's all over the board, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Maybe not so much.

I may have already shared this but it bears a reshare. Find your brand's voice with this fun exercise.

I started Diana's first step, crossing out those adjectives that don't apply to my stories. Whew! Identifying what I'm not is a whole lot easier than figuring out what I am. I'm still not completely done. But some of the remaining adjectives that stand out are...

Wild. Witty. Unique. Upbeat. Fierce. Exciting.

If you're struggling with your author brand, I suggest you give this technique a try.

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