Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3T Writing Tidbit

Being a published author develops a whole lot of skills, not just writing. One of the things you'll be called on to do at some point or another is sign your book.

I'm always looking for better ways to connect with readers, so if you have comments, let's hear them!

I sign on the title page. Above the title, I write "To Name:" then drop a line and write a little something personal.

The fastest way to sign a book for romance authors is to wish the reader joy in the couples' journey: "Hope you enjoy Alexis and Luke's story!"

Second is to pick a phrase that describes the book or your approach to the writing. In Bite My Fire, the first in the Biting Love series, I usually write, "Welcome to Meiers Corners!" (the small town where most of the series is set).

If you're signing in person, it's always appropriate to write something like "So lovely to meet you at the WisRWA Con!"

I sign my name after the name block. Recently I've started adding the date. At first I thought omitting the date gave a certain timelessness to the signing. But I've changed my mind.

How do you sign?

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