Tuesday, August 15, 2023

3T Writing Tidbit

How about delving into another of the three elements of story: character? (The three elements being character, setting, and plot 😄) I'm not going to go in any special order with these. 

Here's a provocative sentence I came across: 

Archetypes are masks of a complete human being.

Last month I unpacked archetype. Let's look at the mask.

 Literal masks usually represent supernatural beings, ancestors, imagined figures, or non-human beings.

Literary masks are the representation of an ideal worn by a character. As such, they keep that character separate/distanced from change, contradiction, interaction with other people, and even fully understanding themselves.

The character's mask is formed by their attitudes and actions (but not reactions) and are usually a conscious commitment to the identity of the mask.

An example of a mask: I am a truthful person. (No real person is entirely truthful.) When faced with a situation in which the truth would cause harm, I don't lie, I only embroider what I say a little. (Note the denial of reality. When this character is caught in a lie, they will deny it to themselves (action) but feel bad for some unknown reason (reaction).)

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