Tuesday, November 12, 2019

2T Repeat Performance

In December 2016, the lovely Magical Musings crew decided it was time to close down their blogging shop. I had three wonderful years with them. This is another of those posts.

4/1: 4 for 1 and 1 for all! -- Guests Roxy Mews, S.L. Carpenter and Kayleigh Malcolm--originally posted March 31, 2016.

Tomorrow is, in US terms, 4/1. Across the world it's April first, better known as April Fools. It's the officialholiday of that fun pack of authors, those April Fools For Love, Roxy Mews, S.L. Carpenter, Jodi Redford and Mary Hughes, this year joined by Kayleigh Malcolm, and their sassy, sizzling books.

Last year, Lust With a Laugh brought you four stories centered around our favorite holiday, April Fool's Day. For 2016, we couldn't not do it again.

What does that mean for you? We're bringing you four short stories to whet (or wet!) your appetite for only 99cents each! Four new books, all about April Fool's love, lust, and happily ever after. 4/1=4 under $1.

These are great tales to keep you occupied if you accidentally get glued to a toilet seat, or while setting up your own elaborate prank!

We've even got a fun badge for you to use as a profile pic, or badge on your website. Grab this little goodie (above) and show your love for the holiday that is all about making people smile. Or flat out laughing at them. ;)

Roxy Mews wrote her first story at age six on an electric typewriter. It was about a cat and a haunted house. Thankfully, her stories and technology have matured since then. Roxy spends her days fighting the evil day job in hopes of conquering the stories that run rampant in her head.

To connect with Roxy Mews, find her babbling on Twitter, friend her on Facebook, visit her Blog, or find all these links on http://roxyrocksme.com.

Bestselling author Kayleigh Malcolm (and her alter ego Corinne Davies) is a firm believer that all love is beautiful and everyone deserves a Happily Ever After....well except for those involved with cancelling Firefly. She's still holding a grudge over that one.

Sticking with one genre is a talent she hasn't achieved yet and can be found creating worlds as normal as our own or as fantastic as her dreams. Her characters have to face real life challenges, as many of us do, but love always finds a way to conquer all.

A social media junkie, she can be found haunting many different sites and loves to hear from her readers. Connect with her at http://kayleighmalcolm.blogspot.com.

My name is S.L. Carpenter and I'm a writer and an artist, a husband and a father, a slave to the wife and an inspiration to other people I don't know. I call California home and have been here my whole life. I know...poor me.

I've been writing my special brand of insane little stories for many years, but it's only been in the last decade that I've managed to persuade folks to publish them. I expanded my backlist to include single titles, anthologies and several books co-written with my writing partner (and webmistress) Sahara Kelly. My most recent books are available at Amazon.com/Kindle Unlimited, and also at Samhain Publishing. Find me at http://slcarpenter.net/index1.html

Bottled Up: April Fools For Love by Roxy Mews A clogged drain. A pretend plumber. An April Fool’s Day to remember. Amazon | Amazon UK

Toy Story: April Fools For Love by S.L. Carpenter This is a totally different type of buzz and woody… Amazon | Amazon UK

Must Love Menage: April Fools For Love by Kayleigh Malcolm Will Ben and Sam to risk everything by inviting Chloe into their lives? Amazon | Amazon UK

Cin Wikkid: April Fools For Love by Mary Hughes A fairytale romance meets 4G. Amazon | Amazon UK

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