Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hunt Mates FREE + November 1T Status Update + Giveaway

FREE! Brand-new Pull of the Moon novella Hunt Mates is free for my readers TODAY to Friday only. Get yours now!

Her whole future is endangered by a theft. When her new boss finds out, will he condemn her or save her?

Iota wolf shifter Emma Singer has just snared a coveted job at Gabriel Light's Choice Buy store when a pricey high-tech phone is stolen—and it looks like Emma's the thief. How can she convince her new boss she’s innocent?

Wizard prince Gabriel Light has bigger problems than the fact that his store has been robbed. A chance touch of his new hire lights a bonfire of lust in him. But witch + shifter = stupidly huge taboo. If the Witches’ Council finds out, they’ll have his head. Literally.

Yet the more Gabriel uncovers about the crime, the more unsettled he is. Especially when the thief returns and seems to be deliberately targeting Emma…

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What else is going on? Well...
  • Hunt Mates released this month
  • Friend Elle J Rossi invited me to be part of the Starstruck universe! When I came up with a Romeo & Juliet style story with hot bass guitarist Connor and clumsy but smokin' fiddle-player Sheevawn, I knew I had to join in.
  • Thanks to readers like you, Hot Chips and Sand hit 898 overall ranking at Amazon!
  • Working on Night's Kiss. Wow, Enkidu is coming out sexier and bigger than I planned.
  • Starting to rehearse for all the holiday concerts
  • Getting ready for Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady's December release

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