Sunday, June 3, 2012

OMG, Logan won the Write Touch Readers' Award!!

Just got back from the Write Touch "Romancing the North Woods" conference. Awesomeness all around, thanks to conference coordinator Amy Bird, headliners Elizabeth Hoyt and Jade Lee, and all the many volunteers. Fellow Samhain authors Renee Wildes and Liz Kreger were there and I had a great time with everyone, from first time authors to multipublished. And I learned so much my head exploded. Okay, maybe not :) But it was a wonderful time! I'll have more pictures later in the week, and will post some on Facebook as well.

My huge news is--Biting Me Softly won the 2012 Write Touch Readers' Award for Paranormal! I'm still bowled over by it. This is the immensely cool plaque they gave me, along with a beautiful pink rose. I'm exceedingly honored by this award, my very first!

Thanks and kudos go to Softly's editor Deborah Nemeth and cover artist Natalie Winters for this award!

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