Monday, August 12, 2013

Honoring the Cost

The stories we tell are important, but none so much as the stories that heal.

I was looking for a way to give back to the marvelous community of readers and book lovers in return for all the support I've gotten over the years. I'd given up finding just the right way when I saw YA author friend Christa Desir is a strong proponent of the Voices & Faces Project, a survivor testimonial writing workshop. Coincidentally, she is supporting a campaign right now. I do like a nice coincidence :) Her wry and touching appeal is here:
Here's the campaign:


The Stories We Tell

A testimonial writing workshop for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and sexual trafficking.
To thank you, I'll be donating 25% of my Samhain store royalties on purchases of Beauty Bites made between now and September 2, 2013.
Even better, Beauty Bites is now 30% off in the Samhain store! Through--you guessed it :) -- September 2, 2013.


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    1. Hey Maria! Thanks :) It was all the right puzzle pieces coming together at the right time :D

  2. Update--many thanks to my wonderful readers! We were able to donate nearly $50 to this amazing project!!