Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oz Bites--Beautiful New Cover Art

Thanks to Tibbs Design for getting this amazing cover done so quickly!

Oz Bites
A free short story in the Biting Love universe

Vampires and sex and flamingos—oh my!

Punk musician Nixie Emerson and her master vampire husband Julian try to assemble a pit orchestra. Someone blabs there's no pay, making Nixie and Julian's chore impossible... and worse, what other secrets do the bad guys know?

Warning: Contains wild sex, explicit violence, and a frazzled punk heroine. Or is that explicit sex, wild violence, and a frazzled lawyer vampire? What the heck. There's sex, swearing, fighting, and laughs.


  1. OMG!!! WHY IS THIS MONTH DRAGGING ON SO LONG!!!!! I need a Mary Hughes fix RIGHT NOW!!!

    *waving at Mary*
    your slavishly devoted fan

  2. Hey, Mrs! Thanks, I just loved it right away. Thanks again for your help--couldn't have done this story without you!

  3. Hayley! *big grin, waves back*

    It's a short story, just 17000 words, but all the elements are there, I think. I look forward to hearing your opinion!