Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For my readers...free short story August 31!

I read a great blog today about readers. Actually, Promoting your e-books on Amazon and Yahoo forums is about promo, but what I took away from it was the need to connect with readers, with their hearts and minds. That resonates strongly for me.

Since the next Biting Love novel is taking a while to reach release (thank you, Demon Murphy), I decided to offer a short story freebie to my patient readers in the meantime. I've had great fun writing it and working through the challenges of selfpub, and am happy to announce I'm planning to make the story available August 31. Here's the preliminary blurb:

Vampires and sex and flamingos--oh my!

Punk musician Nixie Emerson is now married to her master vampire, and duty is no longer a four-letter word--well, it is, but...it's not as much of a horror for her. Until the mayor voluntells her to assemble a pit orchestra for Oz, Wonderful Oz, a new Broadway caliber musical.

Problem--she has no budget to leverage a professional-quality pit. Factor in her growing obligations (including pregnancy, which makes find the right position a challenge but running away from rogue vampires impossible) and she's getting overwhelmed. A rebel who thrives on creative solos, she's getting zilch for solo time.

Then someone blabs there's no pay, making her chore impossible... and she and Julian discover the bad guys know all their secrets.

Warning: Contains wild sex, explicit violence, and a frazzled punk heroine. Or is that explicit sex, wild violence, and a frazzled lawyer vampire? What the heck. There's sex, swearing, fighting, and laughs.

Bonus! I need help picking my title. Take the poll at the right and let me know which to use!

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