Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 1T Olio/February 2T Repeat Performance

After a whirlwind February, some of the pressures are coming off--but it's only revealed all the stuff I've been putting off.

Any of you--sound familiar? :)

Nutshell schedule:
  • Serendipity Bites final edits and distribution
  • Passion Bites pre-edits should come back sometime this month
  • Taxes. (Picture needle-sharp daggers hanging overhead.)
  • Preplanning for Mind Mates (Pull of the Moon Book 2)
  • Symphony concert featuring British composers Holst, Elgar, Walton
  • Hot Chips and Sand is finally scheduled for edits in August!

How about you? What's up for March?

Delayed from February 10...
So as I mentioned last month, Lust With A Laugh had just started in January of 2014. It was so squeaky new we hadn't even worked out a schedule. No posts in February. I was still in my writer's cave finishing up Assassins Bites and all the other wildness that would be the second half of 2014. Here's my links:

February 1T Olio

Top 10 Posts Countdown #8

3T Writing Tidbit

Love is Bliss--Guest Leigh Ellwood!

Downbeat Release Tour starts today!





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