Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3T Writing Tidbit

As I start Passion Bites, Book 9 of the Biting Love series, there's a lot of water...and a lot of characters...under the bridge.

Dealing with a large cast of characters can be confusing for the reader. Here's one thing you as a writer can do to make it easier on them.

TIP #1: Ruthlessly wield relationships to recall characters. 

Passion Bites heroine, Dr. Alexis Byornsson has a sister, Synnove. Synnove is now married to master vampire Ric Holiday and actually has a story of her own in book 6 of the series. So I could write "Dr. Synnove Holiday". But frankly, that's just another name for the reader to remember. To add resonance and make it easier to understand Synnove's purpose in this story, I'll default to calling her Alexis's sister.

I'll have another tip next month.

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