Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top 10 Posts Countdown #8

Writer's cave hiatus--finishing Assassins Bite among other things. Enjoy the top 10 posts from my blog in the meantime :)

#8 Strong Women and the Men it Takes to Handle Them--Guest Cathryn Cade

I usually (okay, always) write alpha heroes. My men have even been described as alpha-holes by one of my editors. Sometimes I tone them down, sometimes I don't. 'Cause I write what I love to read. And I love to watch a strong, macho manly man brought to his knees by the most powerful force in the universe … love.
Yeah, love to watch him stride in with fists and big ol' jaw clenched, eyes slitted menacingly while he lays down the law to anyone who threatens our heroine.  Okay with me if he wipes up the bar room floor with 'em, too. Sigh … now that's just fun.
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