Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3T Writing Tidbit

More on Title Creation (second most-hated two words for authors, following Blurb Writing).

Friend and awesome author Edie Ramer loaned me her copy of Save the Cat and I finally found time to read some of it.

The first chapter, actually. But even that little bit blew me away.

September 2015 I had a 3T Writing Tidbit on Title Creation. Now I'll add to that:


I knew intuitively that titles and tags which have contradictory words that annealed into new meaning (the sum greater than the parts) was a better title. Biting Nixie. Nitro, meet glycerin.

But I didn't know the mechanism behind it. It's irony. Two or more words which, when put together, rub each other the wrong way.

But the title must also say what it is. I think that's why all the : () titles are so popular. At random, #5 in Werewolves & Shifters on Amazon (on May 20, 2016): Shifters in the Spring: Sixteen New Paranormal Romances of Secret Babies, Frisky Shifters, and Fertile Surprises.

Yeah. That.

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