Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3T Writing Tidbit

Title Creation. Two words that inspire hate in authors the world round.

I haven't got a bullet. But I do have some bullet-point ideas.

  • List words relating to your story. Make them as vivid as possible. Then start paring them in twos and threes. Pick combos that don't go together but are effective together. (Biting Nixie)
  • What makes your lead character compelling? Pick words to encapsulate him or her. (Assassins Bite)
  • Look for the zing, not the tickle.
  • Use a quote site to find key concept words.
  • Use a quote site to find snippets of a quote. (TV series Slings and Arrows)
  • Use a random title generator to jumpstart ideas. Many available with an Internet search.

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