Tuesday, August 21, 2018

3T Writing Tidbit

Stuck on where to go next? A long time ago I heard a sage word of advice on what to do if your plot stalls out. Conflict, excitement, surprise, delight is the goal--so just throw in ninjas!

Not literal ninjas, though those work too. But if you're stalled on what happens next, clowns or ninjas or waltzing elephants will certainly shake things up.

NEW! If you don't want to get utterly absurd, there's still a way to shake things up. This article gives you over 100 writing prompts to get things moving. Things like "Tomorrow is a bad day for..." and "I woke at 3 am and realized..." are wonderful ways to not only get that plot moving, but get your creative juices flowing.

Published since 2009, over the years I've accumulated various items of writing wisdom. The Third Tuesday Writing Tidbit showcases these items in no particular order. Click here to see all 3T Tidbits.

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