Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 1T Status Update

photo credit: Happy New Year via photopin (license)
Happy 2016 everyone!!

Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? I hope to have by the time this publishes. The original actors have aged--well, we ALL have, and aging sure beats the alternative--but it's as good a reminder as any that time marches on.

Passion Bites was released last month, and we had a blow-out bash celebrating, Alexis's sister's book at 99c for two weeks (um, actually a little more at some vendors ;) ). But now it's January and I have some new releases coming.

  • January 18, He's the Boss from Crimson Romance releases. If you haven't read Edie and the CEO, now's your chance to get it packaged with 9 other great romances.
  • February will see the release of my first menage under a pen name. SL Carpenter also has a release fpr our Leap Year theme duo.
  • March will be another April Fools for Love! Mine is a contemporary Cinderella-based tale, working title Glass Slipper Inc.
  • August is the big month with Mind Mates, the second book in the Pull of the Moon trilogy, scheduled from Samhain Publishing.

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