Tuesday, January 26, 2016

4T Olio--a Book I've Enjoyed

I have to admit, between deadlines and practicing flute and trying to keep up with all the other various things that life demands between, I get very little time to read for pleasure any more. But I thought I'd share a few of those books I have read, and why I enjoyed them.

The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross.

I love the Laundry Files. Why?
  • Stross plays with the English language in new and brilliant ways.
  • Bob, the lead character is a geek!
  • Computer geek turned occult master, what's not to love?
  • Who else can make such pithy observations about bureaucracy?
  • Did I mention how funny Stross is?

This one's different. Why?
  • The lead character is Mo, Bob's wife.
  • She's a musician
  • The series story arc has taken a dark turn.

There are many, many people who have not connected with Mo. It took me a while to work through my own feelings during and after reading the story. But I think this book was amazing. Why?
  • Stross shows Mo as being numb emotionally because of what's happened instead of telling the reader flat-out. (I think that's why the bad reviews. Some readers have to be told, not shown.)
  • Despite a darker story, Stross is still amazing with his on-point, brilliant writing.

I am afraid the series story arc will go to a place I can't follow. But I still think this author is amazing.

The Annihilation Score is available for Kindle and Nook as well as in print where good books are sold.

Frankly, I disliked doing book reports as a child. I just wanted to read the story, experience the adventure and the emotion. But I do want to share my favorites with you. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into a book I've enjoyed!

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