Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 1T Olio

photo credit: char1iej via photopin cc
Happy New Year to everyone!

Here's what 2015 has to offer so far.

Roxy Mews is my special guest at Magical Musings.

Some fun mashups at Lust with a Laugh, including Weird Al as Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye.


February will see the stand-alone release of the updated  Masked Attraction. http://www.maryhughesbooks.com/PullOfTheMoon.htm#MaskedAttractionAnchor

March 3 Downbeat releases in print. http://www.maryhughesbooks.com/Downbeat.htm

March will see the release of a new Biting Love Short Bites, Thor's story. http://maryhughesbooks.com/WorkInProgress.htm

April 28 is the exciting release of Heart Mates, Pull of the Moon Book 1. http://www.maryhughesbooks.com/PullOfTheMoon.htm#HeartMatesAnchor

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