Friday, April 4, 2014

Your Votes Did It!

LASR BOM It's said no man is an island, and that's true for books as well. Though stories start in the dark of an author's mind and gain flesh in the solitary writer's cave, it takes many hands to help them out into the world.

Thanks to you, your votes have made Downbeat Book of the Month at LASR!

Getting Downbeat to that point were amazing editor Christa, awesome artist Kanaxa, a fantastic anonymous line editor, the whole Samhain engine and the support of crit partner Roxy Mews, Mo's Gang, WisRWA, everyone who helped on Facebook and Twitter and the Samhain Cafe.
Popping it over the line was Foxglove and her fantastic review!

None of it is possible without you, Gentle Reader.

I'm stunned and grateful.  Thank you!!


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