Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3T Writing Tidbit

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Archetypes. How many are there, and what are they?

Basically, an archetype is a prototype; a model on which all others are based.

The problem is that archetypes are found in a variety of fields, e.g. psychology, literature, drama, mythology. Each field adds its own flavoring to the word. For example, Jungian psychology ramps up archetype to a universal model subconsciously shared by all of us.

Of course as authors, we're looking for character archetypes. Are there seven? Eight? Twenty-eight? Depends on which website you visit. Some base their archetypes on recurring mythic characters; some on their roles within the story.

Here are some interesting links I found. (No recommendations explicit or implied here, they're simply places I found with ideas that might jump start your own. That having been said, I did see some neat ideas :)

Some views on archetypes:

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