Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Amber's Five Top Tips for Getting It On with a Hybrid--guest Roxy Mews--plus Giveaway!!

Samhain author Roxy Mews writes 'em hot and sassy, just how I like 'em. I'm thrilled she's visiting today with her debut Top Pick book! Please welcome my good friend Roxy...wait. Wolf shifter Amber is here!! Now this party's really rocking :)

Roxy can’t keep me quiet! I got to talk once before, and I liked it. We are taking over this place from Mary Hughes, and I have to admit, I like it here. She doesn’t have any hybrids, but there are some big blond vampires that look like they spent their lives pillaging and lifting weights. Don’t get me wrong. I love my mate Jake, and there is not a vampire alive…er…undead? Whatever…I might be mated, but I can appreciate a good looking man. Maybe I can introduce Shelly to some of the dudes around here. Shelly is a little blond Barbie-looking chick. I don’t like her, and she seems to lean a little too close to my Dad at times. She needs something a little more bitey to chew on.

Speaking of something to chew on, I am late for a wolfy run in the woods with my clan, so let me give you what I came here to share. It’s my top five tips for getting it on with a hybrid. For anyone who is thinking of mating with a vampire/werewolf hybrid, I thought I would share some things that would have helped me and my mate. Jake and I also had a homicidal vampire leader after us, so that might have been an issue too, but anyway here are my top five tips.

Top 5 tips for getting it on with a hybrid
  1. Solid wood bed.
    Dude. When a hybrid loses control, cheap furniture breaks. And trust me when I say, you totally want him to lose control. NOM.
  2. Mini Fridge at the Ready
    The last thing you want to do when you are in afterglow is go out for a sandwich. Keep some grub around. A LOT of grub. Sex tends to tweak an appetite.
  3. High Iron Snacks
    So, you have found a hybrid. No matter what side of them you are dealing with, biting happens. Trust me when I say, you want it. Oh man. It’s so good, but you do tend to get a little drained. Heh heh. Drained. So keep the spinach meatballs in the cupboard for the after those long glorious bitey times.
  4. Toss out the toys
    Just like beds don’t hold up, neither do the cheap plastic things they sell in the stores. If someone out there knows where there is a supernatural rabbit vibe, I am all for it. I like rabbits.
  5. Extra Clothes
    This is self-explanatory. When you need to venture out where people live, it pays to have more than Sponge-Bob pajama pants at your disposal. Trust me on this. Just…Trust me.

Thanks for letting me play over here, Mary. Roxy is busy freaking out over becoming an author. Personally, I think she needs to fight off an angry horde of vampires before she can talk to me about nerves. I am taking her bacon and cookies. Don’t worry. She’ll be ready to venture out of her writing cave soon. She won’t last long against the sweet meat candy and chocolate.

She told me to say she will give a copy of my story away to one lucky commenter. You might want to keep a cool drink nearby. It’s my story so you know it gets pretty hot. (Mary jumping in here. Comment through Friday! Roxy--or maybe Amber--will announce the winner here this weekend. :) )

A Love Worth Biting For

Who’s afraid of the big bad hybrid?

Hart Clan Hybrids, Book 1

Amber Paulson’s wolf has chosen a mate for her, but Amber is not amused with its pick. Jake Meyers might look amazing in a wet T-shirt and have the cheekbones and strong jaw that artists drool over. Too bad he is missing a pulse.

Jake is a vampire, well, mostly. Then a tall, curvy redhead pops up on his radar and something awakens in him. Even though he tries to stay away, Amber gets under his skin, and his vampire/werewolf heritage starts to become more bark and less bite. For the first time, he feels the call of the moon, and he knows it’s all because of Amber Paulson.

Amber’s trying to stay away, and Jake’s trying to not turn furry. They both fail miserably—and with a lot of sweaty and enjoyable property destruction.

By giving in to her mating call, Amber finds out more than she ever wanted to know about herself, her family, and the rogue wolf who took so much from her so long ago. As her past comes back to bite her, she’ll have to decide what she’s willing to give up for her mate. Her home? Her pack? Her…heartbeat? 

Product Warnings
This book contains a snarky shifter heroine who could give Sookie a run for her money, a hot hunk of a vampire with a soft (and furry) side, and sex so sizzling that even an inter-species war can’t get in the way.

Roxy Mews wrote her first story at age six on an electric typewriter. It was about a cat and a haunted house. Thankfully, her stories and technology have matured since then. Roxy spends her days fighting the evil day job in hopes of conquering the stories that run rampant in her head.  To connect with Roxy Mews, find her babbling on Twitter, friend her on Facebook, visit her Blog, or find all these links on RoxyRocksMe.com.



  1. Thanks for letting both of us invade your blog, Mary! I am starting to go through all the craziness that is release day. *flails*

    1. I have two words of wisdom from my years in publishing.

      More. Coffee.

      Congrats <3

  2. Roxy Mews is a new author for. This story sounds cool. I already like Amber. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.


  3. Ohh, this looks good. I'm adding it to my TBR list as I type. Mary, thanks for bringing my attention to this new author, and Roxy, I'm looking forward to being introduced to Amber. Write on!

  4. Thanks Vanessa and scmitchell! I have a heck of a time controlling Amber. ;p Good luck on the giveaway. :D

  5. According to Random.org our winner is scmitchell! Scmitchell, please email me at
    Roxy(dot)Mews(at)gmail(dot)com with your preferred file format.

    Thank you to everyone that stopped by, even if you didn't comment, and thank you Mary for hosting me on my first ever release day. You are the best. ((HUGS))

    1. Congratulations, SC!

      *hugs* to Roxy!! Loved so much having you and Amber here. Congrats again on your stunning debut! Loved Amber & Jake's story and am looking forward already to the next book!! (do we have a date yet :D ?)

    2. Nothing specific. I am getting antsy. ;p It is looking like publication will happen around mid-2014. Waiting on my editor to get me my first round of notes. *hugs back*