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She's All In--Guest Cathryn Cade!!

Cathryn Cade is a wonderful Samhain author whose new release She's All In has amazing chemistry between the couple and a romantic dom. Please join me in welcoming Cathryn back to my blog!

For her sexy Dom, she’ll open up…but only love will take her all the way.

Club 3, Book 1

When Daisy joins Big Iron Fitness, it’s to get fit and more comfortable in her skin. But what really makes her sweat is gym owner Dack Humboldt. Watching him pump iron sets off an endorphin rush that has nothing to do with exercise.

Dack isn’t looking for love, and doesn’t usually waste time on vanilla even when it’s packaged in a bombshell blonde. Until he hears Daisy’s been asking questions about the goings-on at his private sex club. He’ll be happy to show her the ropes…on his terms.

Daisy gathers the moxie to ask Dack out on a date, and gets an offer she can’t refuse. The chance to explore some of her most private fantasies and move beyond her fears about her body.

As Dack leads Daisy by the thong into the Dom/sub world, she feels as if she’s finally in her element…until Dack issues a command that brings her up hard against her last emotional barrier. And Dack must decide how far he’ll go to bring his bombshell back into his arms.

Product Warnings
Body builders showing off their physiques, blondes looking to have more fun, and members of a private club sharing more than conversation.  
Copyright © 2013 Cathryn Cade
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

If it weren’t so hot, Daisy would have walked to the restaurant, but as she emerged from the gym, the sun slapped down on her head and shoulders like a heated blanket. She loved summer but preferred to be by a pool or a lake when it was this hot.

The air-conditioning barely had time to cool her car off before she rolled to a stop in the busy Zellaby’s parking lot. She grabbed her small turquoise purse and slung the long strap over her head and one shoulder before locking the car.

As always, she gave her new baby a pat before she walked away. The cocoa-hued Nissan Altima was a gift from her parents. She knew the purchase had sprung from the guilt and helplessness they felt at being unable to help her through her ordeal, but she hadn’t even tried to talk them out of it. She loved the sporty coupe too much.

The restaurant was busy. The small foyer was crowded with people waiting for a table. Air-conditioning, voices and pop music poured over Daisy. She sidled past a pair of small boys tussling while their seated mother ignored them in favor of her cell phone.

Next she had to duck around one of the luxuriant ferns hanging from the restaurant’s low ceiling. The decor was cheerful and old-fashioned with everything from antique toys to vintage movie posters hanging on walls and support beams. Daisy wasn’t sure where the ferns fit in the theme, but she liked them.

Her friends were waiting at a table by the street-side windows. Sara wore another Lycra tank and shorts like the one she’d worked out in, these brown, her long auburn hair bundled up on her head. Carlie had taken the time to apply fresh makeup. She wore a sleeveless cotton blouse in her signature coral pink. Daisy couldn’t see the rest of her under the table, but she knew her friend, who considered herself fat, was probably wearing conservative capris despite the heat.

As Daisy slid in beside Sara, Carlie took one look at her and pushed a tall glass of iced tea toward her. “What’s wrong, Daise?”

“Yeah, you’re all…agitated.” Sara eyed her keenly.

Daisy took a sip of the cold tea. Should she tell them what she’d overheard? It was really just gossip at this point. But as she looked into their curious faces, she gave in to temptation.

“You’re not going to believe what I heard in the locker room,” she said, leaning forward to speak in hushed tones. There was a large, noisy family on the other side of them, and the booth behind her was still empty, so she felt sure she wouldn’t be overheard.

By the time she finished repeating the locker-room conversation, Sara’s and Carlie’s eyes were wide and their mouths open in identical O’s of astonishment.

Daisy stirred sweetener in her tea and took a long drink, enjoying their reactions. She was still shocked and, yeah, fascinated herself. It was a relief to share her turmoil with her friends.

“They own a…a sex club?” Carlie whispered. “Oh…my…God.”

“Picturing Jake in leather?” Daisy asked wickedly.

Carlie’s rounded cheeks flushed a dusky pink. She pressed manicured fingers to her full lips. Then she nodded, a nervous giggle bursting through her fingers. “With one of those floggers.” She mimed cracking a small whip.

Daisy looked at Sara, who was staring at her frosty glass of soda as if trying to remember what it was. Daisy nudged her with her elbow, and Sara flinched.

“So that’s why Trace is so scary,” the redhead blurted. “He’s into that kind of stuff.”

Daisy grinned. “They all are, evidently.”

“And why does that make you so happy, Ms. Don’t Touch Me?” Carlie’s words were teasing, but she appeared genuinely curious.

Daisy took a deep breath. “You want the truth? I’m so freaked out about my body image now and who I am sexually that it would just be nice…” She broke off, stirring her tea, not sure she could even vocalize her fantasies. Not without at least two margaritas inside her, anyway.

“Not to have to worry about what the guy wants, or whether you’re doing it right?” Sara finished for her. She took a long drink of her soda, looking like she too wished it were an alcoholic drink. “Not to be so busy figuring out how to please him that you miss out on all the fun yourself?”

“To let him teach you what feels good?” Carlie added, her blue eyes shadowed. “And have him make you feel special, maybe even treasured?” B S
 Cathryn Cade considers herself incredibly blessed to live in the Big Sky Country of Montana. She and her husband share their property with dogs (usually golden retrievers), cows and the various deer, antelope and elk that wander through their hay fields. From her computer, Cathryn looks out across the prairie at the rugged Rocky Mountains. With not much effort, she can visualize the cowboys, Indians, settlers and vigilantes who once rode the range--some from her own family.

Cathryn's fate was set from the moment she picked up her first book--The Little Red Hen. She hasn't stopped reading since. She wrote her first stories on ruled paper, with large crooked letters and plenty of eraser smudges. She began writing romance when she was home with two little boys in a very small town in the Rockies, had read every romance in the local library, and wanted more! In 2008 she published her first book with Samhain, and hasn't looked back.

When she's not inhabiting her fantasy world--um, when she's not writing, she is usually reading, quilting or trying a new recipe. In the great outdoors, she enjoys boating with her husband, hiking and exploring their home state's colorful history in museums and ghost towns. She and her husband also love Hawaii, and on their yearly visits love to snorkel, stroll on the beach and fantasize over mai-tai's about how to make the Big Island their second home.

Cathryn spends way too much time on the internet, and can often be found chatting on her BlogFacebook, Twitter, or via E-mail. She loves to hear from readers. Stop by her Website to read fabulous reviews of her books, and enjoy her Free Reads.

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