Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 1T Olio

Cover reveal! Just in time for the holidays, I'm re-releasing the holiday honeymoon short stories. Releasing later this month. Multi-author release party to follow. Watch for news.

Biting Holiday Honeymoons

That special night for Nixie and Elena each with their master vampire is interrupted by Dracula and Santa Vamp.

Short-shorts Biting Halloween (originally Biting Dracula) and Biting Christmas (originally A Biting Christmas Special) updated and expanded.

Biting Christmas—Nixie and Julian slide into a hot-tub honeymoon, but things turn nasty when Santa Vamp and Mrs. Claus show up.

Biting Halloween—Elena and Bo's honeymoon in the Dells is derailed when they get run off the road by a vampire. They chase him, only to find out Dracula—the real Dracula—is on the loose. Introduces Glynn Rhys-Jenkins from Biting Oz.

Warning: These titles contain vampires. Fighting, biting, loving vampires. And adult couples trying to have sexy times on their wedding nights. Explicit language. Slang guide included.

Thanks to Tibbs Design for the wonderful cover!

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