Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Biting Love News Update

The Biting Love Series is now renumbered! The Bite of Silence, novella with Twyla and Nikos, has been added to the series as Book 3 and Biting Me Softly, Logan and Liese's story, is Book 4.

In other news, the title for Biting Love Book 5 is getting closer to being a reality. The Title Goddess has actually gone back to another incarnation, and though I can't say what the title will probably be, it involves "Oz" and "Biting." :)

More Biting Love news! Biting Love books are now on Kindlegraph! Bonus--there's a great handwriting font so you're not subjected to my chicken scratching.

Followers know I've got two new books up through first drafts--another Biting Love and a wolf shifter/witch romantic comedy--and am now working on a third first draft. I'm very excited about this third book, a serious shifter novel about two wolves who, in the first 19,000 words, are sparking off each other like crazy.  This draft is going slower because I'm also working up Prokofiev's First Symphony. For those of you who don't know the flute, the range of the instrument is middle C to the C three octaves above (C to shining C, heh). Well, Prokofiev decided he didn't care what the range of the instrument was and wrote all these C#s and Ds above the highest C. And not slow easy C#s and Ds. No, these are eighth notes at half-note=158. (Take my word for it--blindingly fast. Brain-numbing fast. Eek fast.) Needless to say, it's taking a big chunk of time and energy getting the part under my fingers. Thank you Mr. P. But the draft is still shaping up!

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