Tuesday, September 13, 2011

After the Publishing--Getting the Word Out

Every writer's journey is different. It's like we're each in our own canyon. We all want to get out of the canyon and back to civilization, but we're differently equipped. One may have a sure-footed donkey, one climbing equipment, one a radio... Anyway, there's a lot of advice out there but not all of it will apply (like the climber reading Getting Out of Your Canyon, Step 1: Turn on the radio). I advocate picking what resonates for you and trying it. If it works, keep it. If not, try something else.

But there's one universal. After the publishing, if you want your stuff read you have to do something to get it into readers' hands.

Two weeks ago I published Oz Bites. I wrote it as a thank you to patient Biting Love readers, so I didn't announce it to the general public. But I did get the word out to my readers, with channels that can also be used in general marketing. I thought I'd share them today.

Goodreads Groups. I belong to the awesome Kindle Smut group. They not only have a place to announce reads, they have discussions and are very active and well-read.

Yahoo Groups. I belong to Samhain Cafe, SavvyAuthors, EPICSocial and the WisRWA loops among others. The important thing is to create a post title that snaps. You want your post to stand out from all the other New Blog Today posts. The first line usually shows too, so make it count. FREE is always a good word to grab attention. Example: Free Short Story--Oz Bites // Vampires, music, marital relations and a smart-mouthed heroine. Free at Smashwords!

Facebook and Twitter. These are two of the current top social networks. If you're not on them, I'd suggest looking into them. Warning: They can be addictive!

Newsletter. Newsletters are great for the reader who doesn't have time to check out your sites.

Website and blog. I've read just about everywhere that your website and blog are your number one promotional tool. Dunno if I agree but I have both and enjoy them--hopefully readers do too.

Books and blogs. There are way too many to name (and see the above on picking what works for you) but Smashwords Book Marketing Guide,  How To Write Workshop are a two that I used for this release.

How about you? What are your favorite ways to catch an author's new book? A favorite way of getting news out or hearing it?

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