Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tomorrow--Guest Blog and GIVEAWAY

Independent women, strong smart men, and horses. Add in a giveaway of an Advanced Reading Copy giveaway and tomorrow promises to be epic! Fantasy author Renee Wildes will be here to share some insights and celebrate next week's release of Riever’sHeart (Samhain Publishing), the fifth book in her Guardians of the Light series.

A personal writing update:  I have some editorial interest in my short story Black Diamond Jinn, where a dying witch and powerful jinni fight to save the world from Y12 (the Mayan Doom) even as they fight their own attraction. More as that develops.

To round it off, my husband sent me this link to "The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra" by Garrison Keillor. It reminded me of Meiers Corners.

‘The Young Lutheran’s Guide to the Orchestra’ in We Are Still Married (New York: Viking Penguin, 1989), 30–4.

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