Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Guest Katriena Knights needs your vote!

Thanks to Katriena Knights for being here today! She's got a special request for you. Welcome, Katriena!

Before I start yammering on about myself, I’d like to thank Mary for hosting this post and letting me get the word out about my new book and my Kindle Scout campaign.

Call Me Zhenya is a romantic suspense with covert operations, genetically altered operatives, and a Russian assassin who can shapeshift into a wolf. Evgeni’s not your typical werewolf, though—he was physically and genetically altered to enable the transformation. Anna is also a reconfigured operative. Her brain has been altered to hold massive quantities of information, which she can trigger when necessary.

Unfortunately, something in Anna’s brain is worth killing her to keep it a secret. So for the last two years, she’s been in protective custody in a remote location in Alaska to protect her. In the meantime, though, the higher-ups who put her there have started to reconsider their decision to keep her alive.

Two years ago, Evgeni followed orders and assassinated what he was told was a rogue agent. The assignment didn’t settle well with him, though, and he started looking closer. What he found made him question everything about the covert organization he’s been working for.

Now he’s racing against time to get Anna out of “protective custody” and into the Alaskan wilds where she’ll be safe. As long as she doesn’t ask him too many questions, everything should be fine. But as they move deeper into the unknown, they become more and more dependent upon each other, and as feelings begin to develop between them, Anna must decide what’s more dangerous—the corrupt agents pursuing her, or the wolf that lurks beneath Evgeni’s skin.

As an entry on Kindle Scout, Call Me Zhenya needs your help! Just drop by the campaign page and nominate the book for publication. If the book is chosen, you’ll automatically get a free copy. If not, I’ll be putting it up for sale at a special introductory price, and I’ll also be giving away a few copies then, as well. To vote for Call Me Zhenya, visit Kindle Scout. For a free preview of the book as well as updates on giveaways and other important info, join my newsletter.

Thanks for your support!

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