Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 1T Status Update

This month's big news is that edits for Passion Bites should be about done and the book put to bed. Now it's just waiting for Santa to come and waking up on Release Day...which may now be just after St. Nick's day on December 8. More info to come.

The other big news is I have the green light for Mind Mates, book 2 in the Pull of the Moon trilogy. Wizard Prince Gabriel Light meets his match (as I write her, she's leaping off the pages as more than his match, lol) in iota wolf shifter Emma Singer. I'm through chapter 8. Look for this book in August of 2016.

Okay, one more other big news. Hot Chips and Sand, a contemporary romantic comedy, is finally getting its edits this month. I'm planning to release it in September or October.

On the music front, I've started putting together my part for Bach's Brandenburg Concerto 5, featuring soli violin, harpsichord and flute (that's me!). I was first introduced to playing in an orchestra through the Music Minus One version of this concerto (along with #4), so it has special meaning for me. Our spring 2016 concert is the Brahms German Requiem, with the simply gorgeous "How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place". We've got a pretty heavy hitting schedule this year so I'm especially glad to have some great books in the works to balance things out :)

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