Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1T Olio

photo credit: Merlijn Hoek via photopin cc
I am under some tight deadlines. So here are some kittens and puppies to make all our days brighter :)

photo credit: Sebastián-Dario via photopin cc
Today I'll turn in Heart Mates, Pull of the Moon Book 1 for pre-edits (release date March 2015)

photo credit: Viola's visions ◕‿◕❤ via photopin cc
Thursday I turn in final line edits for Assassins Bite, Biting Love Book 8 (release date November 11, 2014).

photo credit: worldoflard via photopin cc
Next week I'm attacking developmental edits for Murder at Chipmunk Lake (release date July 30 if I'm really, really good :) )

Thank goodness for puppies and kittens!!


  1. I love the title Heart Mates! And the title Murder at Chipmunk Lake. Very interesting.

    Great pictures, too!

  2. Thanks Edie! That was originally going to be heart of the wolf, but there were too many like that so my editor picked heart mates. And I thought, brilliant! Should have been my first choice. Lol. It has a pet! A little rat terrier. He is really a hexed were though so I don't know if he qualifies for your pet day on Facebook.