Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Top 10 Posts Countdown #3

Writer's cave hiatus--finishing Assassins Bite among other things. Enjoy the top 10 posts from my blog in the meantime :)

#3 Cooking up Hot Romance and Delicious Humor--Guest Sophia Knightly!

Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Mary! My romantic comedy, Grill Me, Baby, combines two of my favorite things: hot romance and TV cooking shows. Hunky Argentine chef Paolo Santos is as masterful in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom, and he's used to winning in both. But cool, perfectionist Chef Michaela Willoughby is determined to win the TV cooking spot for which they're competing against each other. It gets hot in the kitchen as the two competitive chefs cook...and fight the constant urge to make love, all for the sake of winning the Miami Spice cooking competition.

The heat is on...
Raised among women who taught him to cook at his family's Buenos Aires restaurant, master chef Paolo Santos deftly works his culinary wiles--and his gypsy charm--on posh Flamingo Island's female clientele. The tastiest tidbit on the island, though, is cool, elegant Michaela Willoughby. The redhead's slender curves are as enticing as her rabbit-food menus are maddening. And she's his main competition for the chance of a lifetime.

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