Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Creative Truths -- and winner of MBaM GC

Okay, here are the answers. Remember, you didn't have to get them right to be considered for the gift certificate (or just to have fun)!

7. Biting Nixie is about a punk rock musician named Betsy
FALSE - Her name is Nixie

6. Bite My Fire was a finalist in the 2009 Australian Romance Reader Awards for Favourite Historical

FALSE - this one was tricky, the category for Fire was Favourite Erotic Romance

5. My books are steamy hot lion shifter romances
FALSE - My older boy (the English major) won't let me write them. He wants me to do steampunk fairy tales but right now I do hot humorous vampire romances

4. My children are named Caesar and Aahz
FALSE - But these are my tear-up-the-house grandcats

3. I am secretly a bar stripper at night
FALSE - I wish!

2. My husband works in a cave
KINDA TRUE - He's a computer systems guy, and they always put them in the basement. So no, not a
cave, but he doesn't have windows, either. Well, he does have Windows because they use Microsoft stuff, but...well, you know what I mean.

1. I soloed on bass drum in Germany.
TRUE! Points to Vivi for getting it! Our college wind ensemble toured Europe and we were short on percussion. I played flute except for one march, with a two-beat bass drum solo. My director took great delight in cuing me, dah-dah-dah *point* boom boom!

The winner of the $5 MBaM Gift Certificate, chosen at random, is *flchen1*! Please drop me an email at and I'll send it out.

Thanks to everyone who played!

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  1. I am Victorious! I feel so cool that I recognized your musical genius. Congrats, flchen1!