Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fiona Vance is calling me a Liar...I mean, a "Creative Writer"!!

Thanks to Fiona Vance for nominating me for Lesa's Bald Face Liar "Creative Writer" Blogger Award!

See if you can catch me out in my lies creativity! One statement below is true. Post your guess as to which for a chance to win $5 MBaM Gift Certificate! (You don't have to get it right to be eligible!)

And because this is too much fun to keep to myself, check out my creative friends! Post one of their book titles here for a second chance!

My Liars Creative Friends

Vivi Andrews, smoldering hot Serengeti shifters and quirky upbeat Karmic consultants
Kaye Chambers, surprises, laughter and steamy romantic magic
Marianna Lauren, dark, dangerous bad boys in erotic vampire romance
Honey Jans, erotic romance painted with a vivid, kinky imagination
Fiona Vance, pirates and highwaymen in erotic Regencies

1. I soloed on bass drum in Germany.
2. My husband works in a cave
3. I am secretly a bar stripper at night
4. My children are named Caesar and Aahz
5. My books are steamy hot lion shifter romances
6. Bite My Fire was a finalist in the 2009 Australian Romance Reader Awards for Favourite Historical
7. Biting Nixie is about a punk rock musician named Betsy

Careful, some of these are partially true!

Again, post your guess as to my single full truth for a chance to win!
Post one of my friends' book titles for a second chance!


  1. Hi Mary,

    I think number 6 is true. Have a happy Thursday.

    deb ;0)

  2. Gee, I don't really know so it will be an off the wall guess and say number 2 is true. And your creative friend Vivi Andrews has sexy lion shifters in Serengeti Storm.

    Have a nice day,

  3. Number 6 is definitely true; I imagine some select bits and pieces of the other six items are true ;)

    Thanks for creatively sharing the truth, Mary!

  4. Number 4 is completely and totally TRUE!

    And if your kids *aren't* named Caesar and Aahz, you should rename them posthaste. ^_^

  5. Hmmm... a bar stripper?

    *looking up at the kid's answer next to me* I'm going to have to say #6, too...

    that was my own answer, honest! :-)

  6. Bite My Fire is Historical? I mean, I knew Bo was old, but he's very well preserved.

    I think #1 is true. Cuz you're all musical and stuff. There is no instrument in no country that you cannot rock.

  7. LOL, Keith! Or you could rename yourself, posthaste!

    BTW, some of your friends' fabulous titles are:
    Vivi Andrews' Sexorcist (can't resist THAT title!); Kaye Chambers' Tiger by the Tail; Marianna Lauren's Red Rio Blue; Honey Jans' A Taste of Honey (includes Candy Kisses and Once in Love with Laura); and Fiona Vance's Submission. Some hot reading, for sure!

  8. i think it is #4. If it is not we have to know what the real one is.

  9. sexorcist by vivi andrews and blood and destiny by kaye chambers. Both books I loved!!