Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beauty Bites has a release date!

My apologies to readers looking forward to Lisa Whitefern's visit--it has been unavoidably delayed. More info as it comes.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to announce the next Biting Love book, Beauty Bites, has a release date!

Mark your calendars for August 13

Here's an unofficial blurb to whet your appetite.

When top Minneapolis exec Ric Holiday says "absolutely no" to designing an ad campaign for Meiers Corners, Dr. Synnove Byornsson is sent to plead the city's case. Synnove, with the body of a Scandinavian model and the face of an angel, is the sunshine Ric hasn't felt since he was a human boy basking in his parents' love. Determined and intelligent, she won't take his no for an answer.

On the way to Holiday's penthouse, Synnove's blouse is torn by rowdy drunks. Enter Holiday, with his tousled blond hair, a smile ranging from warm to deadly, eyes so blue they knock her breath out, and sinewy strength barely civilized by suit and tie. He's style over substance, everything she hates, but when he drapes his coat over her exposed bosom she starts to discover he's more than mere sizzle.

A bad experience has made Synnove reconsider medicine. She doesn't need Ric's distraction but her cousin keeps jamming her into short skirts and sexy underwear. Then a sly woman makes a counter-proposal to morph Meiers Corners into the New Sin City, and Synnove must find some sizzle of her own or potentially lose everything.

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