Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Biting Oz, Black Diamond Jinn Update

Biting Oz is through final line edits! One more edit pass until the final book. I'm expecting a first draft cover any day. (For those of you interested in the editing process, I've included a brief outline of the stages below.)

Some tidbits to whet your appetite. This book has what my brilliant editor calls "one of the best sex scenes I've ever read". It also contains "entr'actes" from the hero Glynn's perspective, and a scene featuring the first-ever meeting of the V-spouses of Meiers Corners and Nearby Surrounds. The topic--vampire/human aging. The last two are in response to reader letters and questions, so please keep your feedback coming!

Black Diamond Jinn (A Hot Fantasy/SF Novella) is through beta reading and a few steps away from putting up on Smashwords and Amazon. I'm excited that a good friend has kindly given me a chapter of her latest book to include in the back.

A few tidbits. My cherished beta reader picked out several T-shirt phrases in the book, so you know there's snappy dialog. She also identified the book as SF/Fantasy--this isn't a paranormal romance. Don't worry--there's a hero and heroine and happy ending. But it's a different sort of story from Meiers Corners. I'll post an excerpt soon so you can get an idea of what I mean!

Ebook First Publisher editing sequence (from the author's perspective):
1. I write the book. 2. I read through the book for continuity and to make sure the plot hangs together. 3. I submit the book. 4. My editor may have changes she wants done before she'll buy it. 5. I make the changes and do step 2. 6. My editor buys the book. (This step is different for each publisher. Some buy on an outline, some require a multi-editor approval.) 7. She makes her first edit pass and returns the manuscript to me to fix. 8. I fix or explain and send back. 9. She makes her second edit pass with finer detail changes. 10. I fix and return. 11. A line editor goes through the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb and returns it to my editor who adds how she wants me to fix things. (The editorial process differs by publisher as well. For some it will be several editors, for some a single editor steps through the whole process.) 12. I fix the line edits. If there are any questions at this point my editor and I might make another short pass between us to address them. 13. The book goes to the publisher who puts together an Advance Reading Copy. 14. I read the ARC for typos. No tweaking allowed at this point! 15. The book is rendered in a wide variety of ebook formats and sent to sales outlets across the globe. 16. Yay! 17. Several months before the print version comes out I get galleys. 18. I read the galleys for typos. 19. The paperback book is printed and goes to sales outlets around the world.


  1. *chants* Biting Oz! Biting Oz! Biting Oz! Woohoo!
    Cannot WAIT to read this.

  2. I'm pretty stoked myself :) It's been a long time coming...um, no pun intended...