Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introvert Shocker

You and nine people are in an elevator. How many of them are introverts? One? Two...and a half?

Would you believe five or six? Apparently the statistics we've all been fed are shockingly out of date. The truth is, almost fifty-one percent of the US population is introverted.

Well, okay, but that fifty-one percent is hiding in corners, right?

Um, no. In this USA Today article from 2006, 4/10 top execs are introverts. Remember, introverts aren't antisocial but simply need thinking space.

Speaking of thinking space, check out this 2012 NY Times article on a new rapidly scarce-ifying resource--not oil, not water, but uninterrupted think time!


  1. I thought I'd make a witty comment, but I find I am too introverted to post it. Just know it was really really funny. ;p

    Have any thoughts on attending any conferences this year or next?

    1. ROFL! I wonder if there are any introvert joke sites...oh of course there are. 3 million Goohits.

      I'll be at the WisRWA conference in June, thanks for asking! As soon as I get a release date for Biting Oz ebook I'm writing those bookstores to set up a signing. I've heard RT is going to be in Kansas City in 2013, and RWA is in Atlanta. I'd love to go to San Diego Comic Con some year...


  2. Money is tight this year, but I am doing a one day fly by of RT next month in Chicago. I am looking ahead to 2013 after that. Let me know about the signing! I'll be there to stalk...er...cheer you on. :)