Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Writing update

I have recently come to the conclusion that my writing takes time. I'm not one of those authors who can write and polish a book a month, every month. This is a hard thing for me to accept because, well, I'm a bit competitive, and a bit of a perfectionist (I can just hear Mrs. Missive saying "No, really?" :) (Mrs: NaNo writing buddy who kept me in line.)

It's not that I can't write fast. I regularly write 3000 words a day and did a bunch of 10,000 word stories in two days each. I wrote the bones of a 40,000 word story in eight days and once wrote a 90,000 word novel in three weeks.

But my writing takes time to steep. The really good stuff perks through just one thought at a time. I have to make a lot of little edit passes rather than a couple big ones. Although the big ones have their own purpose. Hmm, sounds like a blog topic :)

Anyway I'm trying something out. Instead of writing one story and sticking with it to the bitter end, I'm writing three. I'll take all three to the end of the first draft. Then I'll do all three revisions. Then a trio of polishing passes.

So here's what I'm working on. I have the next novel in the Biting Love universe a few scenes from a complete first draft. I'm not sure if it'll be in the series--right now the heroine is a bit too serious, so we'll see. I started a humorous shifter story in July and am finishing the first draft right now. And I have a dramatic shifter story perking away in my brain for next month.

In about four months I should know if this works or not. I'll either have three wonderful complete novels...or all my hair torn out. Wish me luck!

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  1. Thank goodness you are competitive! I think you're the only reason I finished NaNo this year. Did you get yourself a well deserved winner's shirt?