Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding New Books to Love

Libraries. Bookstores. I love to browse, touch, smell books. I love the thrill of a title or cover that jumps out and grabs me. Browsing is how I used to find all my new authors. But life doesn't always give us the time to travel, to sift. What to do then? Here are some online ideas.

Samhain Publishing has a sidebar to let you browse by theme. Added bonus--see the latest (most recent and upcoming releases) and greatest (top ten best sellers). Here's an example for Comedy.

Joining an online reading group on Shelfari or Goodreads (like the awesome Kindle Smut) will connect you with like-minded readers with tons of great recommendations! 

Amazon has several ways to find new books to love. On each book page is up to a hundred books customers also bought. And check out your favorite author's Author Page (hover over the author's name and click on the "Visit Amazon's author name Page"). On the right side is a list of "Customers Also Bought Items By". Check out other reader's recommendations with Listmania! Search for a favorite author and see what the list author recommends.

And last but definitely not least, FREE! What better way to find a new author than trying their book for free? All Romance Ebooks has Free Reads; Smashwords has a Free filter (this one is Paranormal with Adult Filter OFF); Amazon has their Top 100 Free to the right of the Paid; Stores such as Sony, Kobo, and Diesel have a Free category. Many public libraries also offer ebook lending, such as New York and Wisconsin.

So what about  you? What are your favorite ways to find new books?

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